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Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Mostafa Shartaj

Dr. Mostafa Shartaj

Mostafa is focussed on research surrounding agricultural and environmental policy, resource use, conservation practice and technology adoption, farmers' risk and time preferences, dynamic decision making, economic valuation, and wildlife management.

Animal Science

Biosystems Engineering

Dr. Warren Blunt

Dr. Warren Blunt

Dr. Blunt's research utilizes the biochemical pathways of microorganisms to convert low-value agro-industrial waste materials (carbon dioxide in particular) into value-added bio-based specialty chemicals. The crux of this research applies advanced monitoring tools to elucidate the interface between process engineering parameters and metabolic control, and the impact on process performance.


Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

Plant Science

Dr. Dilshan Benaragama

Dr. Dilshan Benaragama

Weed biology and ecology, integrated weed management, cropping systems and weed adaptations, remote sensing applications in weed research.

Dr. Robert Duncan

Dr. Robert Duncan

Rob's research focuses genetics and breeding canola and rapeseed for improved quality and performance across western Canada. Traits of interest include protein quality and content, oil content, fatty acid composition, abiotic and biotic stress tolerance.

Dr. Yvonne Lawley

Dr. Yvonne Lawley

Agronomy and cropping systems research
Cover Crops
Plant and soil interactions
Plant and soil management to address agricultural and environmental challenges

Curt McCartney, Department of Plant Science, Associate Professor

Dr. Curt McCartney

Focused on breeding hard red winter wheat varieties for western Canada and the genetics of resistance to Fusarium head blight (FHB), rust diseases, and orange wheat blossom midge. He is interested in the development and implementation of DNA markers in wheat breeding through marker-assisted and genomic selection.

Soil Science

Our research is funded by local, national, and international funding agencies. Researchers are funded by all three of the Tri-Council Agencies (Canadian Institute of Health Research, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), as well as by other funding agencies, such as, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Research Manitoba, Canada Foundation for Innovation and Mitacs.

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