• PhD (Monogastric Animal Nutrition), University of Guelph, Canada
  • MSc (Veterinary Science), Nanjing Agricultural University, China
  • BSc (Veterinary Science), Nanjing Agricultural University, China


  • ANSC 3150 Feeds and Feeding
  • ANSC 2520 Anatomy and Physiology II: Nutrient Utilization
  • ANSC 4570/7540 Advanced Applied Animal Nutrition
  • ANSC 7140 Animal Science Seminar
  • ANSC 7520 T03 Special Topics in Animal Nutrition (Alternatives to Antibiotics)


Research interests

Dr. Yang's research focuses on:

  • Roles of gut chemosensing in growth, health and efficiency
  • Identification of antibiotic alternatives in monogastric animals
  • Nutrient absorption and transporters (amino acids, glucose, and vitamins)
  • Identification of bioactive compounds
  • Functional feed additive development in monogastric animals

Current research projects

  • Gut chemosensing and the regulation of nutrient absorption and barrier function in pigs
  • Development of novel feed additives to replace antibiotics and promote pig gut health
  • Improving bone health and eggshell quality through maintaining a desired calcium homeostasis in laying hens
  • The role of the pig gut microbiome and diet type in determining the efficiency of feed utilization


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Other information


  • 2019 Merit Award in Research, Scholarly Work and Creative Activities, University of Manitoba
  • 2018 Terry G. Falconer Memorial Rh Institute Foundation Emerging Researcher Awards for Natural Sciences
  • 2018 Canadian Society of Animal Science Young Scientist Award