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Important Notice: Effective March 17, 2020, Student Services at Bannatyne Campus will be meeting with students and residents through phone and email only. No in-person appointments will be made at this time. To book an appointment with any of our services, please contact 204-272-3190 or email The office is available for phone and email inquiries Monday-Friday between 8:30am - 4:30pm. Thank you for your understanding.

We ask for your patience as the current situation changes rapidly, and we will all be adjusting accordingly.

Latest information and updates on the University’s plan for the COVID-19 situation is available here.

If you are feeling ill, do not come into the University.

For additional support, please refer to the information below:

Services available to Bannatyne students

Though many UM student supports are based at the Fort Garry campus, you can access them at Bannatyne campus through the student services at Bannatyne campus office. To access any of these services, email us at or call our office at 204-272-3190.

Academic Learning Centre

Students and residents are invited to make an appointment with a writing or study skills tutor or attend workshops in order to further develop academic strengths and skills in writing, learning and research. Academic learning centre instructor Jim Honeyford specializes in learning and writing strategies and can assist Bannatyne campus learners with study skills, time management and organization.

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about the Academic Learning Centre

Career Services

Students, residents and recent alumni can get assistance with career planning, career exploration and job search. Harpreet Dade, our Bannatyne campus career consultant, is committed to building career pathways using an individual branding strategy to suit student’s career and educational ambitions. Harpreet is available to provide career advising to Bannatyne students in-person, via online video, telephone and email.

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about Career Services

Financial Aid and Awards

Financial aid and awards helps students meet the cost of their education and recognizes them for their academic and other related achievements. Tammy Boutet is eager to answer questions about awards, bursaries, loans, emergency assistance and money-related forms and processes. Tammy is in the student services at Bannatyne campus office on Wednesdays throughout the academic year from 8 a.m to 4 p.m.

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about Financial Aid and Awards

Student advocacy

Provides confidential support for students who are facing challenges, seeking aid regarding a complaint or have a concern regarding University of Manitoba matters. Student Advocacy will help by being a general resource into student rights and responsibility as well as advising on University policies and procedures. Students are able to utilize a Student Advocate in meetings with administrators or Professors, as well as receive aid in preparation of discipline or academic meetings. Matthew Carvell, Student Advocate at Bannatyne, started working for Student Advocacy in 2017. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Arts (Double Honors) and a Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba. Prior to working at the University of Manitoba Matthew worked at McRoberts Law Office LLP as a practicing lawyer.

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about Student Advocacy

Academic integrity

If you have questions about how to conduct your studies with academic integrity, contact our academic integrity coordinator Loie Gervais. 

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about academic integrity

Health and wellness educator

Bryanna Barker is the Health and Wellness Educator for the University of Manitoba. Bryanna has a degree in Psychiatric Nursing and is a member of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba. Her experience includes both clinical mental health but most recent, community mental health direct support. Bryanna provides confidential health and wellness guidance and information to students through assessment, system navigation and intervention. Though Bryanna’s main office is located at the Fort Garry campus, Bryanna is able to provide part time coverage for all RFHS learners. Students and residents that are struggling with any mental or physical health/wellness concerns may meet with Bryanna to receive support. Additionally, Bryanna co-facilitates the Healthy U program at the Fort Garry Campus and sits on various university committees including Champions for Mental Health and Supporting Students with Care

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about Health and wellness

International Centre advising

The International Centre’s student advisors can help you adjust to life in Canada, plan ahead or work through challenges regarding personal matters, academics, university regulations, visas, permits and immigration.

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about the International Centre

Student accessibility services

Provides support and advocacy for students with disabilities, such as: hearing, injury-related, learning, mental health, medical, physical, visual or temporary disabilities. Advisors act as a liaison between students, faculty, staff and service agencies.

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about Student Accessibility Services

Spiritual care coordinator

Edgar French can help students cope with loss, crises, and transitions by assessing and addressing how their spirituality (values and beliefs that contribute to a sense of purpose, meaning, and identity) provides resilience. His method of care is attentive to and respectful of the uniqueness of values and life-styles, including religious affinities, which shape student identity. It draws from the wisdom of care that affirms health as not simply the absence of a physical ailment, but a person's ability to find meaning, hope, and purpose in the face of suffering.

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about spiritual care

Counselling services

Patrick Burek provides individual, confidential counselling to address a wide range of personal concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, stress management and reduction, motivation, procrastination, self-confidence, identity, grief and loss, sleep hygiene, work-life balance, eating concerns, and dealing with the reoccurrence of past issues that may be triggered by present events. Patrick strives to make every person with whom he meets feel respected, understood and supported as they work on mutually defined counselling goals. Patrick practices from a humanistic orientation and applies techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Contact us to make an appointment Learn more about Counselling services

Who we are

Leah Deane
Director, student services at Bannatyne campus

Leah Deane has a master of social work degree and is a member of the Manitoba College of Registered Social Workers. Leah provides confidential and private support to all RFHS learners. Students and residents that are struggling with any personal, academic, financial, mental and/or physical health concern may meet with Leah to receive support. Leah fulfills a clinical role by providing assessment and crisis response. She assists learners with system navigation and facilitates connections to services both on and off campus. Leah works collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide a shared-care model of support. Leah liaises with stakeholders on the Bannatyne campus to assess and address ongoing student needs, and co-coordinates the Bringing in the Bystander program alongside Bryanna Barker. Additionally, Leah provides leadership and support to the SS@BC team.

Rikki Fontaine (on leave)
Confidential intake and triage specialist

Rikki Fontaine is a registered social worker and is completing her master of social work degree at the U of M. Rikki is also a certified trainer in suicide prevention and intervention (ASIST T4T). Her experience includes over seven years of front-line service in the areas of counselling and case management both for a non-profit community organization and as a community mental health worker with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Rikki is highly skilled in building connections with learners, de-escalating crisis situations, and prioritizing in a faced-paced environment. Rikki works collaboratively with the Director to facilitate access to student supports and refer students to the various programs offered at SS@BC.

Adina Lakser
Confidential intake and triage specialist

Adina Lakser is the Confidential Intake and Triage Specialist while Rikki Fontaine is on maternity leave. Adina has an eclectic background including relationship coaching, spiritual care, sexual and reproductive health, cultural safety and working with communities to address health inequities. Prior to working with SS@BC, Adina was the coordinator for the Indigenous Health curriculum for UGME. Adina appreciates the opportunity to meet with students, listen deeply to what’s going on for them, and help navigate the support systems available. Adina works collaboratively with the Director to facilitate access to student supports and refer students to the various programs offered at SS@BC.

Tanya Sala
Student mental health services

Dr. Tanya Sala (MD, FRCPC) is a psychiatrist, an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and the neurosciences course leader in the Max Rady College of Medicine. She currently serves as the medical director of the Mood & Anxiety Disorders Program at the Health Sciences Centre and the medical director of quality in adult mental health for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Dr. Sala has more than 12 years of experience providing cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and has received specialized training at the Beck Institute. She has co-authored papers on anxiety and CBT, and wrote a book chapter on comorbid anxiety disorders and physical health conditions. Dr. Sala meets privately and confidentially with Faculty of Health Sciences students to provide assessment, consultation and treatment recommendations.

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