UM Intranet

Looking for something? Use your email to conveniently and quickly access faculty and staff resources needed for your career, life and work at UM — including human resources information and administrative materials.

From HR forms to learning and professional development opportunities, from staff parking to job classifications, from wellness supports to administrative and financial processes, you’ll find all this and more.

Employee resources and supports are grouped into these five areas:

  • Employee resources: Explore information for your career and life at UM.
  • Work supports: Explore information that helps you complete your work tasks.
  • Campus: Explore campus supports and services.
  • Units: Explore the academic and administrative units of UM.
  • Apps and sites: Browse web applications, websites and support documentation used by UM employees.

Need help accessing or navigating UM Intranet? Check the transition page or find step-by-step instructions and navigations in the UM Intranet support section.

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