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Child care

Campus Children’s Centre Inc.

Campus Children’s Centre Inc. is a 138-space child care centre located on our Fort Gary campus.  Available exclusively for staff and students of the University of Manitoba, our centre provides care for children from 3 months to 6 years in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment. 

We believe that children learn best through play, and we provide inclusive programming to support the diverse families of our university. Our centre features designated infant and toddler rooms, mixed age preschool rooms, a large muscle room and a fully functional kitchen as well as access to natural green space. 

UM Babysitter Directory - new!

A convenient tool for connecting families with UM student babysitters. This directory is available to students, staff, and faculty members of the University community.

For more information, please visit
Family resources | University of Manitoba 

If you are a student and interested in becoming a casual babysitter, please contact: (Fort Garry) or (Bannatyne).

Campus Children's Centre Inc.
15 & 19 Dysart Rd
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2M6 Canada


Breastfeeding/child-friendly spaces

Breastfeeding is welcomed throughout our campuses. Parents who prefer a quieter space to feed, pump, or tend to their child’s needs are welcome to visit the locations listed below.

Migizii Agamik – Bald Eagle Lodge

Bald Eagle Lodge welcomes students and staff of all nations to breastfeed throughout the centre. More private spaces are also available by speaking with the staff at the front desk.

Indigenous Student Centre (ISC)
114 Sidney Smith St., Fort Garry Campus
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
Phone: 204-474-8850

University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association

The UMGSA office at 221 UMSU University Centre is a quiet space with comfortable couches, a sink and a microwave. All students and staff are welcome to use the space for breastfeeding or pumping any time during office hours. 

Baby change tables

Fort Garry Campus

  • University Centre
    • Room 110F (Women’s)
    • Room 127 (Men’s)
    • Room 131 (Women’s)
    • Room 133 (UTR)
    • Room 231 (Women’s)
    • Room 231B (Men’s)
    • Room 307A (Women’s)
  • Fletcher Argue Building
    • Room 114A (UTR)
  • Stanley Pauley Engineering Building
    • Room 117 (UTR)
    • Room 217 (UTR)
    • Room 317 (UTR)
    • Room 417 (UTR)
  • Active Living Centre
    • Room 345 (UTR)
  • Frank Kennedy Centre
    • Room 130B (UTR)
  • Tache Arts Complex
    • Room 360 (UTR)
  • Migizii Agamik
    • Room 148 (non-gendered)
    • Room 150 (Men)
    • Room 166 (Women’s)
    • Room 168 (Men’s)


  • Smartpark Innovation Hub
    • Room 108 (UTR)
    • Room 204a (UTR)
    • Room 304a (UTR)
    • Room 404a (UTR)
  • 137 Innovation Drive
    • Room 141 (Men’s)
    • Room 142 (Women’s)

Bannatyne Campus

  • Brodie Centre
    • Room 032A (UTR)
    • Room 032B (UTR)
    • Room 034C (UTR)
    • Room 035C (UTR)
    • Room 036J (UTR)
    • Room 171 (Men’s - Accessible)
    • Room 172 (Women’s – Accessible)
    • Room 275 (Women’s – Accessible)
    • Room 276 (Men’s)
    • Room 353 (UTR)
  • John Buhler Research Centre
    • Room 519 (Men’s)
    • Room 520 (Women’s)
    • Room 550 (Family Washroom)
    • Room 553 (Non-gendered)
    • Room 633 (Men’s)
    • Room 635 (Women’s)
    • Room 720 (Men’s - Accessible)
    • Room 813 (Men’s - Accessible)
  • Medical Services Building
    • 208A (Men’s)
  • Dentistry
    • 127 (Women’s – Future UTR)

Additional resources

Child Care Initiative

In 2013 a working group identified significant unmet needs for student, staff and faculty parents at the University of Manitoba.

In response to their report (which can be found in full below) a consultant was hired to study child care options at other U15 institutions and make recommendations for improving child care at the University of Manitoba. Below is their final report, along with infographics that highlight various sections of the document.

In 2018 “Playcare” was closed and our new Campus Children’s Centre was opened, offering 138 licensed daycare spaces at the University of Manitoba. We are working to continue providing more supports and services to help all our student, staff and faculty parents flourish.


Brandy Usick
Chair, Child and Family Care Working Group
Executive Director, Student Engagement and Success