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degree studies for military students

Your degree is closer than you think.

Military members attending UM benefit from a number of special considerations:

  • Degree credit for specific evaluated military courses and training
  • Reduced residence requirement on select degree programs
  • Withdrawal and tuition reimbursement when unforeseen military duty interferes with university study
  • Degree program planning, military credit assessment and support requests for student-related administrative issues


University of Manitoba

UM Faculty of Arts

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Arts is the largest faculty at UM, comprising 15 departments in the humanities, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies. BA General Degree programs are available entirely online in some disciplines.

Faculty of Arts
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Degree programs

Bachelor of Arts - Integrated Studies BAIS
Bachelor of Arts (General) degree programs
Bachelor of Science (Psychology only) degree program

Available undergraduate disciplines via distance education for military members:

*With external university partners on a Letter of Permission

Explore over 140 UM degree courses

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How to pursue your degree

1. Obtain Military Transfer Credits

Military members may be eligible for transfer credit on the basis of select military courses and training. With the Military Transfer Credit Database you can determine credit for which you may be eligible.

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2. Discuss your degree program options

3. Apply for admission

Application deadlines are normally three months prior to the start of term. Admission is offered three times per year: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Program Options for Distance Learning

  • The Faculty of Arts
  • The Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources — BA Geography
  • University 1 or General Studies if undecided

Offers of admission are sent by email and must be formally accepted.

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4. Register for your courses

Use Aurora to register for your courses and:

  • Search for online course offerings (filter by Distance and Online)
  • Access your tuition fee statements and payment deadlines
  • Obtain textbook listings
  • Access your official grades

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5. Claim your UMNetID

Claim your UMNetID to gain access to your online courses, UM email, Wi-Fi and more.

6. Claim your UM email

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7. Explore your online courses

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Did you know

You can receive recognition for military courses and training

The University of Manitoba is one of the few universities in Canada that grants degree credit for military courses and training. A listing of evaluated occupations and courses to date is available on our website. Evaluations are ongoing, so check back often for updates. You may request a complete assessment of how military credit and credit received from other sources may apply to a UM degree program. This service is offered at no charge. Please send your Military Member’s Record Resume (MPRR) and copies of other post secondary transcripts to us at, or contact us for further information.

Credit hours explained

Credit hours are used to describe the value of a course. A spanned course, normally requiring eight months of study (September to April or January to July), equates to six (6) credit hours. A term course, normally requiring four months of study (i.e. September to December or May to August) equates to three (3) credit hours. Thus, two term courses will yield six credit hours as will one spanned course. The requirements for your degree will be shown in terms of credit hours (i.e. 90 for a Bachelor of Arts [General]).

Exam locations

If you are taking a course via distance learning and reside in Winnipeg, you are required to write your exams on campus in accordance with the Exam Schedule which is available on the Registrar’s Office website at the beginning of term.

Non-Winnipeg residents

If you are taking a course via distance learning and reside outside of Winnipeg, you must complete the Off-Campus Exam Location Form. It allows you to select an Examination Centre in Canada close to you. Notification of approval is sent one month prior to the exam date.

If your military duties do not allow you to take your exam as planned, changes to exam locations may be possible. Please contact the Military Support Office for further information.

Tuition and book reimbursement

Reimbursement for Regular force personnel (and Reserves under certain circumstances) is available under the provisions of DAOD 5031-3. As this benefit is not a direct part of the Military Support Office, you will need to contact your Education/Personnel Services Officer at your Base or Wing. As a general rule, you are eligible for reimbursement for all or a portion of your tuition and books upon presentation of proof of successful completion of your course and receipts for books. Please contact the Military Support Office for further details.

Military duty or service interruptions

As a military member, the University of Manitoba makes provision for you to withdraw from courses and receive full refund when unexpected military duty interrupts your university study. You must withdraw from your courses as soon as possible, and send documentation from a superior officer verifying your military obligations to the Military Support Office.

Military duty or service interruptions-assignments

It is up to your Instructor to decide to accept a late assignment. Some Instructors state their policy in the Instructor’s letter which is located in the course site. Most are very understanding, but you should contact your Instructor as soon as you realize you will be late. There is no provision under the Military Support Office which requires Instructors to accept late assignments.

Course fees and payment

A course costs approximately $550.00 (subject to change).
Course Fees

Please contact the Military Support Office if you require assistance determining costs for Individual Learning Plans or other purposes. Once you have registered for a course, the exact tuition amount owing is available in your Fee Account through Aurora Student.

Fee Payment Options and Deadlines

Cost of books

Textbooks costs are separate from tuition costs and vary greatly from course to course. You may expect to pay as little as $50.00 or as much as $200.00 for textbooks.

Textbooks may be ordered online at UM Bookstore.

Residency requirement

Residence Requirement refers to the number of credit hours that must be completed at the university in which you are enrolled in a degree program. If you are in the Regular Forces and are enrolled in Arts or Science degree programs at the University of Manitoba, you are required to complete only 12 credit hours of UM courses. These UM courses may be completed via distance learning.

Declaring my intention to graduate

Upon nearing your program completion, you must indicate your intention to graduate. Please ensure that you declare your intention to graduate at the time you register for the term in which you expect to graduate. Please use the Declarations function on Aurora Student to declare your intent to graduate. The deadline date for declaring your intention is the end of the revision period in the term in which you expect to complete your courses.

Student resources

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Most online courses will require textbooks.
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Academic skills
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Student Accessibility Service
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Student Advocacy Office
Get general information for students regarding their rights and responsibilities, and confidential services for receiving student complaints and grievances.
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  • Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.) Austin Hayes

“I have nothing but the highest praise for the Military Support Office. Furthermore, I would encourage anyone at any age to fulfill their dream.”

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.) Austin Hayes
Read his story: Retired pilot earns BA at 84

  • “I want to thank you both for your outstanding support over the years. I took much of your guidance and combined with my own desires was able to put together an interesting yet challenging program in Canadian Studies. Thanks again; your help has been invaluable.”
    Capt. Dave Pearce

  • “Thanks so much. It was a great year and the university has a fantastic distance learning and support program. Please pass along to your coworkers and supervisors that I believe you have the best military support network in the country.”
    Maj Jody McKinnon

  • “Much as words of thanks are often understated, I really want to take the time and thank you both for all the effort you’ve invested in me. I am truly grateful. Indeed, any military student should be so privileged as myself to have two dedicated professionals who really care about the success of their students.”
    MCpl Alexandre Fontaine

  • “Thanks for your outstanding support over the years; I could also count on you.”
    CPO2 David Coderre

Contact us

Military Support Office (MSO)
205 Tier Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

Warren Otto: 204-474-8006