Exam FAQs

Q: When will I be able to view my exam schedule?

A:   The exam schedules are typically available by the voluntary withdrawal date of each term.

Q: How can I find out if my exam is online or in-person?

A: Online exams will be listed as online under the location column, in-person exams will list a specific room location. To find out about the format of your final exam please check the course syllabus or reach out to your instructor.

Q: When is the exam period?

A:   Final exams will be taking place from April 14 to 28, 2023

Q: What if an exam conflicts with an upcoming event in my life?

A:   When the exam schedule is posted, you may see that an exam conflicts with an upcoming event. Valid exam conflicts include:

  • Participation in an inter-university, provincial, inter-provincial, national, or international athletic event
  • Participation in an inter-university, provincial, inter-provincial, national, or an international scholastic event
  • Religious obligations (interfaith calendar)
  • A known medical condition

Please note: Travel plans are not an acceptable reason to miss an exam.

If you face one of these valid exam conflicts, you can apply to defer your exam. You must file your deferral request 20 working days prior to the date of the scheduled exam. Requests for deferred examinations are made to the student’s faculty, school, or academic advising office.

Deferred examinations will normally take place within 30 working days from the end of the examination series from which the examination was deferred. Writing a make-up test at your convenience may not be an option. Please note that students must remain available until all exam and test obligations have been fulfilled.

Q: What if I have two exams at the same time?

A:   If you have two exams at the same time or three consecutive exams, you have an exam conflict. Contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as you recognize an exam conflict to make arrangements to correct your exam schedule.

Examples of three consecutive exams:

  • Monday morning, Monday afternoon, and Monday evening
  • Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and Tuesday morning
  • Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon

Online exams support

Before your exam

Check your accounts. You will need to access:

Any UM account issues need to be resolved in the next few days – do not wait. These can be most often be resolved through SignUM. Please contact the IST ServiceDesk for further assistance at 204-474-8600 or North America toll-free 1-844-626-1756.

Don’t forget:

Confirm your actual exam start time: UM Learn and the official exam schedule are set in the Central Time Zone. You can view your personalized schedule on Aurora.

Just before you take your exam

Optimize your internet connection:

  • Turn WiFi off on your phone or other non-essential devices.
  • Use a wired internet connection.
  • If you need to use WiFi, be as close as possible to your internet router or access point.

Starting your exam

  1. Log in to UM Learn.
  2. Select your course
  3. Find the QUIZ tab (Course > Assessments > Quizzes)
  4. Read all instructions
  5. Start your exam

If you receive a “Not authorized” or “Internal error” message that could mean:

  • The exam is not available yet or has ended
  • The maximum number of attempts for the exam has been reached.

If you get an unexpected error message, contact your instructor right away!

During your exam

If your web browser freezes

Close the browser. Open a new session and reconnect to your exam. UM Learn will allow you to continue. Your answers will have been saved, but the exam timer will continue to run even if you are not in UM Learn.

If your computer crashes

Restart computer and continue back into UM Learn. Your answers will have been saved, but the exam timer will continue to run even if you are not in UM Learn.

If your exam is in progress and you need IMMEDIATE SUPPORT:

CALL 204-474-8600 or toll free (North America) 1-844-626-1756. UM Learn experts will be available to provide immediate service and a quick resolution to your inquiry. Take screenshots or note any error messages so we can assist you better.

DO NOT send e-mails or chats – you won’t get a response in time.

Don’t forget to email your instructor to report any difficulty. Attach screenshots if you can.

Contact IST
By phone

Submitting your exam

Don’t forget to submit your exam when you’re done:

  1. Click Submit Quiz
  2. Confirm your Submission
  3. Submit Quiz again

Verify your submission: from the Quiz homepage, click the dropdown menu next to the current exam and then select Submissions.

What you see when you submit depends on how the exam was set up. You may see:

  • a confirmation screen that the exam has been submitted
  • a list of exam questions (possibly with answers)
  • the total score earned (not including manually graded responses)