Leading up to the exams period

  • Check to make sure you can access your UM email account.
  • Check to make sure the device you will be using (laptop, desktop, etc.) is compatible with UM Learn.
  • Check to make sure you can access your UM Learn account.
  • Login, select a course for which you have an upcoming exam, and make sure you can find the quiz tab (in your UM Learn course: Assessments > Quizzes)
  • Note: For students that will take the exam from a time zone other than Central Time: Confirm your actual exam start time – UM Learn and the official exam schedule are set in the Central Time Zone.

Any UM account issues need to be resolved in the next few days – do not wait. These can be most often be resolved through SignUM. Please contact the IST ServiceDesk for further assistance at 204-474-8600 or North America toll free 1-844-626-1756.

On the day of the exam

You can optimize your internet connection by minimizing other unnecessary use of the internet (turn WIFI off on your phone or other non-essential devices). Wired internet connections are the most stable but if you need to use wireless, be as close as possible to your internet router or access point.

Reporting issues during your exams

  1. If your web browser freezes, close the browser. Open a new session and reconnect to your exam. UM Learn will allow you to continue. Any prior responses have been saved. Note: The exam timer will continue to run even if you are not in UM Learn.
  2. If your computer crashes, restart computer and continue back into UM Learn. Any prior responses have been saved. Note: The exam timer will continue to run even if you are not in UM Learn.
  3. If your exam is in progress and you need IMMEDIATE SUPPORT, CALL 204-474-8600 or toll free (North America) 1-844-626-1756. UM Learn experts will be available to provide immediate service and a quick resolution to your inquiry. Listen for the “online exam support option” and follow the prompts to report your issue. DO NOT send e-mails to get assistance - the response time will be slow, while staff are resourcing the telephone lines.
  4. When you can, please email your instructor so that they are made aware that you have had an issue.