• 1600

    First year students receiving entrance scholarships each year

  • $35 million

    Value of awards given out by UM each year

  • 2800

    Number of awards you can find in the UM awards database

  • $14 million

    Value of bursaries given out by UM each year


Many award opportunities are available to UM students based on academic achievement and financial need. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are applying for scholarships and awards:

  • Scholarships are normally offered to full-time students based on academic achievement and course load.  
  • Students who receive an entrance scholarship are required to enrol in at least 24 credit hours at the University of Manitoba in the current year in order to qualify for funding.   
  • In most cases, students must register for and complete at least 80 percent of a full course in the current academic year to be eligible for scholarships.  
  • Some course load exceptions apply and are specified in the terms of the scholarship by the donor or a representative of the donor. 
  • Graduate students do not have to adhere to credit hour minimums provided they are registered as full-time students over the fall and winter terms with the Faculty of Graduate Studies. 
  • Students may apply for bursaries based on financial need. Bursary applications are available through Aurora in mid-August and due Oct. 1.

By submitting your application for admission to the University by March 1, you will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships. Others require a separate application. Eligibility criteria and application requirements vary by award, so please be sure to read the details of each award carefully before applying.  

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