University Health Service (UHS)

University Health Service (UHS) is the University of Manitoba’s community health clinic, providing primary care and health promotion services for the entire UM community. We take a patient-centred, collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to health services while nurturing a healthy work environment. 

UHS offers a full range of medical supports and services, acting as an essential support for UM students, staff and faculty.

Our dedicated team of health care professionals, along with other helpful resources, will help you on your journey to holistic well being.

Health and Wellness Office

The Health and Wellness Office provides health and wellbeing promotion, education, in-person support and programming for students. All University of Manitoba students can seek information and support for their own health and wellbeing to support their success while they are a member of the UM community.

Peer education is a foundational part of our offering. It’s offered through the Healthy U program and includes drop-in peer consultations, interactive programming and other resources.

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Mental Health at UM

Your mental health plays a critical role in your overall wellness. In addition to on-campus counselling, UM offers workshops, self-help resources, and off-campus counselling services for students.

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