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Who we are

The Spiritual Care team includes chaplains and other spiritual care providers representing a variety of faith traditions. Each chaplain is an appointed spiritual care provider by a recognized faith community in Canada, called or assigned to work at the University to support its members. We are also pleased to host Indigenous Elders-in-Residence and a Muslim Spiritual Care Provider as part of our team.

What we offer

  • Existential/spiritual care, supporting students in their ability to make meaning of life’s struggles and opportunities.
  • The gift of presence, accompanying students through the twists and turns of their dynamic lives.
  • Hospitality and community, creating space for belonging and social connections.
  • The use of a Multi-faith Centre where UM members can engage in individual and communal spiritual practices.
  • A variety of programs and workshops aimed at addressing spiritual wellness.


Spiritual care office

Edgar French | Spiritual Care Coordinator

Edgar French, Coordinator, Spiritual Care and Multifaith Centre
Edgar French, Coordinator, Spiritual Care and Multi-Faith Centre

As the University’s Coordinator for the Spiritual Care and Multi-Faith Centre, my main role is to provide direct one on one support or refer students to spiritual care that is attentive to their uniqueness of identity in all its dimensions. I work with an incredible team of Spiritual Care providers from numerous traditions including Humanist, Indigenous Elders, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. I also facilitate numerous workshops related to spiritual health and the building of community. I am privileged to oversee the provision of our multi-faith sacred space, at Fort Garry campus, and host students, staff, and faculty.

How did I land this awesome role? It’s a long story! Ask me sometime, and I’d be happy to share. Coffee or tea included. I am trained in spiritual clinical care, through the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care, and have a master’s degree in Theological studies.

An interesting fun fact about me - I was born and have roots in the tail end of Turtle Island, in the beautiful, warm, and tropical country of El Salvador.

528 UMSU University Centre

Sabina Loewen | Office Assistant

Sabina, Office Assistant, Spiritual Care and Multifaith Centre
Sabina Loewen, Office Assistant, Spiritual Care and Multifaith Centre

As the SCMC’s Office Assistant, Sabina is dedicated to supporting the Spiritual Care Team in their care of students. She is committed to ensuring students are provided a space and opportunity to feel welcome, connected, and supported at UM through the Spiritual Care offices and programming. She is an integral part of the day-to-day function of the Centre, as well as assisting with its programming, communication with students and external groups, and liaising with other UM departments, faculty, and staff.

When Sabina’s not at the office, you might find her enjoying time at Assiniboine Park, camping with family and friends, or cheering on her daughters playing Ultimate frisbee or soccer – all of which may include a cup of coffee!

528 UMSU University Centre

Spiritual care providers (Chaplains)

Chaplains listed in alphabetical order:


Trevor Lehmann, Humanist Chaplain, Spiritual Care and Multifaith Centre
Trevor Lehmann, Humanist Chaplain

Trevor Lehmann (he/him) is the Humanist Chaplain for the University of Manitoba and a member of Humanist Canada. I have a particular interest in the concept of a meaningful life that I have explored in my past roles including hospital spiritual care, career counselling, and providing palliative and bereavement support to those enduring loss.

Having worked at the University of Manitoba for over a decade, I appreciate the many challenges students grapple with from the social economic to the vocational and existential. I am happy to be a companion with you in exploring your identity and values from a humanistic and non-religious worldview.

I am in the office Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. Appointments can be made through the spiritual care main office.

Trevor Lehmann
522 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada


Raya Margulets, Hillel Post-Secondary Engagement Coordinator
Raya Margulets, Hillel Post-Secondary Engagement Coordinator

Raya Margulets is a recent alumna (2022) of the University of Manitoba. Raya was born in Israel, but for the past 14 years, she has found her second home in Winnipeg. After graduating high school, she remembers her first year, “It seemed the campus was a whole world of its own. It was overwhelming with tens of faculties, hundreds of professors and thousands of students.” She quickly discovered Hillel, the Centre of Jewish life on campus, a place that felt like home in this vast new world. Within four years of her degree, she gradually became involved with Hillel, and soon after graduating, she became Hillel’s Post-Secondary Leadership Coordinator in Winnipeg.

Raya plans to continue Hillel’s mission of creating a safe and supportive space for Jewish students and providing opportunities to deepen their identity through social activities, social justice programming, and religious/holiday events. Then, of course, there are always the famous Hillel Bagel lunches!

Raya Margulets
Hillel Post-Secondary Engagement Coordinator
149 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada


Michelle Collins, Lutheran Chaplain
Michelle Collins, Lutheran Chaplain

Michelle Collins (she/her/hers) is the Lutheran chaplain as part of her role as the Assistant to the Bishop for the Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada). As a lifelong learner and as one who wrestles with questions that likely have no easy answers, Michelle’s passion is for helping people of all ages explore spiritual formation for the sake of meaning, impact and community. She is committed to conversation and connection that urges engaging faith, trusting discernment, partnering with community and neighbour in peace-making work, and questioning boldly that which challenges justice. There is not much Michelle is absolutely sure about—except that life is better when infused with hot drinks, friends and card games.

Michelle graduated from Valparaiso University (Valparaiso, IN) with a B.A. in Communications, and from Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN) with an M.A. in Educational Leadership.  She currently lives in Winnipeg.

Michelle Collins (she/her/hers)
524 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada


Mark Von Kampen, Mennonite Chaplain
Mark Von Kampen, Mennonite Chaplain

The university years can be an exciting but also challenging time of life. For many, these years can raise a lot of questions and coincide with major life choices about things like vocation, significant relationships and finding one's place and voice in the world. I was a U of M student for seven years and completed an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and eventually a Masters of Landscape Architecture .

After working a few years in my field, I caught the academic bug again and found myself studying at a Mennonite Seminary in the USA, where I walked away with Master of Divinity (a rather presumptuous name for a degree) and some incredible experiences with students from around the world.  This journey lead me to probe and wonder about some of the big questions of life: meaning, joy, peace, suffering, justice, God, connection and belonging. 

Since 2003, I've been working as a Mennonite Chaplain here on campus, walking alongside students from many different backgrounds and helping to facilitate a welcoming and safe space that's affectionately known as the "Menno Office".  There, students hang out between classes, eat their lunch, strum on the instruments  and find support and friendship as they experience the ups and downs of student life together and process their experiences and questions from a Christian faith perspective. I'm in the office Tues, Wed and Thurs and the office remains open and available to students on Mon and Fri.  Come join us!

Mark Von Kampen
524 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada



Dr. Natasha Ali, Muslim Spiritual Care Provider
Dr. Natasha Ali, Muslim Spiritual Care Provider

Reminiscing on my time as a university student, I recall the many periods of excitement & fun, confusion & crisis, loneliness, hopelessness & hope, pain & pride that marked my journey. I learned more than my field of study--I had also learned about myself, my relationships with others and with Allah (the One God).

As a Muslim Spiritual Care Provider and Registered Psychologist, my goal is to help Muslim students on-campus (and non-Muslim students with strong ties to Muslims or Islam) foster their emotional, mental, and spiritual growth so that they are better positioned to become successful, not only at university, but also in navigating life outside of, and after, university.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from McMaster University, Master’s degree from McGill University, and Ph.D. from New Mexico State University (USA)—all in Psychology. As an international student in the USA, I discovered the protective factor that comes from practicing my faith. My aim is to use my personal life experiences as an undergraduate and graduate student, a domestic and international student, a woman, and a person of colour, plus my knowledge of Islam (where applicable) to assist my practice of psychology. To accommodate the vast diversity amongst Muslim students, my mission is to serve with unconditional respect and compassion. 

Dr. Natasha Ali
522 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

Ukrainian Orthodox

Fr. Roman Bozyk, Ukrainian Orthodox Chaplain
Fr. Roman Bozyk, Ukrainian Orthodox Chaplain

I serve as both a priest in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada and chaplain at St. Andrew's College. Feel free to drop by the college for a visit or for spiritual support. All students are welcome. A fun fact about me - I enjoy listening to Québec rock and Cajun music.

Fr. Roman Bozyk
523 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada


Programming and events

Contact us

  • Spiritual Care Services

    528 UMSU University Centre
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2


    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed statutory holidays)

  • Student Services at Bannatyne Campus

    S211 Medical Services Building
    University of Manitoba (Bannatyne campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3E 0W2 


    Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.