UM social media directory

Faculties and schools

Area Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Other
UM Libraries   Twitter YouTube Instagram  
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram  
Faculty of Architecture Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram  
School of Art Facebook        
Faculty of Arts Facebook Twitter   Instagram  
Anthropology Facebook Twitter      
Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture Facebook        
Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies   Twitter      
Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics Facebook        
English, Theatre, Film & Media Facebook        
History Facebook Twitter      
Institute for the Humanities Facebook        
Women's & Gender Studies Facebook        
Native Studies Facebook Twitter      
Philosophy Facebook        
Political Studies Facebook        
Faculty of Education Facebook Twitter YouTube    
Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram  
Earth Sciences Facebook Twitter      
Natural Resources Institute Facebook        
Centre for Earth Observation Science Facebook Twitter   Instagram  
Desautels Faculty of Music Facebook Twitter YouTube    
University of Manitoba Singers Facebook Twitter YouTube    
Electrical & Computer Engineering   Twitter      
Extended Education Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram  
Access Programs   Twitter   Instagram  
Centre for Higher Education Research   Twitter      
Faculty of Graduate Studies Facebook Twitter      
I.H. Asper School of Business Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram LinkedIn
Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreurship Facebook Twitter   Instagram  
Asper International Exchange       Instagram  
Arni Thorsteinson Study Exchange Program       Instagram  
Career Development Centre and Co-op Program   Twitter   Instagram LinkedIn
Indigenous Business Education Partners Program Facebook Twitter   Instagram  
James W. Burns Executive Education Centre Facebook Twitter   Instagram LinkedIn
Max Rady College of Medicine Facebook        
Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics   Twitter      
Department of Psychiatry   Twitter      
Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases   Twitter      
Department of Immunology   Twitter      
Nursing Graduate Studies   Twitter      
Manitoba Centre for Health Policy   Twitter      
Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management   Twitter      
Faculty of Law Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram  
College of Nursing Facebook        
Faculty of Science Facebook Twitter   Instagram  
Department of Statistics   Twitter      
Faculty of Social Work Facebook        
Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram  

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Social media community guidelines

The University of Manitoba social media channels are an extension of the UM community and should be a safe space for all members of the UM community. UM will moderate posts that:

  • Are spam, e.g. aim to advertise or sell a product/service
  • Contain language or content that is abusive, harassing, lewd, trolling, threatening or disruptive
  • Are defamatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar or of a violent nature
  • Contain personal or confidential information
  • Contain hateful language or target race/ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, or political beliefs
  • Contain fraudulent, deceptive or misleading information

To maintain a safe space for the UM community, UM reserves the right to block from our social media channels those who violate these guidelines.