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The University of Manitoba understands that family and work can sometimes be a balancing act. This site is a comprehensive resource for all family care matters with information and referrals to services both on and off campus.

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The University of Manitoba believes that "family" is a diverse and inclusive network of loving relationships that transcends traditional definitions.  Family may or may not be related, share the same household, or be legally recognized.

Visit the Family Resources intranet site to learn more about specific programs and services available.

Visit the Family Resource intranet site 

Watch a short introductory video about UM's Family Resources.

Child care

Quality child care and family-friendly policies are indispensable to our students, staff and faculty parents. We are committed to providing services and supports that help our community thrive

Child care on campus

The Campus Children’s Centre Inc. is a 138-space child care centre located on our Fort Gary campus.  Available exclusively for staff and students of the University of Manitoba, the centre provides care for children from 3 months to 6 years in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.  

UM Babysitter Directory

The UM Babysitter Directory is a convenient tool for connecting University families with student babysitters. This initiative allows for students to gain casual employment and work experience while helping out their fellow University community members.

Access to the directory is for parents and caregivers.  Users will be asked to complete a disclaimer form, and then will receive an invitation to request access.

If you are a student interested in becoming a casual sitter, please contact

Mini U programs

Mini U programs offers more than 68 programs to choose from giving 4-16 year olds the opportunity to enjoy UM's nationally-renowned facilities under the guidance and mentorship of skilled, caring staff.

Family-friendly spaces on campus

We are committed to providing services and supports that help our students, staff, and faculty members thrive, including breastfeeding-friendly spaces and a map of change table locations.

Breastfeeding/child-friendly spaces

Breastfeeding is welcomed throughout our campuses. Parents who prefer a quieter space to feed or tend to their child’s needs are welcome to visit the locations listed below.

  • Migizii Agamik - Bald Eagle Lodge: Migizii Agamik welcomes students and staff of all nations to breastfeed throughout the centre. Most private spaces are available by speaking with the staff at the front desk.
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Students' Association: The UMGSA office at 221 UMSU University Centre is a quiet space with comfortable couches, a sink and a microwave. All students and staff are welcome to use the space for breastfeeding or pumping during office hours.

Baby change tables

Fort Garry campus
  • University Centre, rooms 110 F (Women's), 127 (Men's), 131 (Women's), 133 (UTR), 231 (Women's), 231B (Men's), 307A (Women's)
  • Fletcher Argue, room 114A (UTR)
  • Stanley Pauley Engineering Building, rooms 117 (UTR), 217 (UTR), 317 (UTR), 417 (UTR)
  • Active Living Centre, room 345 (UTR)
  • Frank Kennedy Centre, room 130B (UTR)
  • Tache Arts Complex, room 360 (UTR)
  • Migizii Agamik, rooms 148 (Non-gendered), 150 (Men's)
  • ARTLAB, room 166 (Women's), 168 (Men's)
  • Smartpark Innovation Hub, rooms 108 (UTR), 204a (UTR), 304a (UTR), 404a (UTR)
  • 137 Innovation Drive, rooms 141 (Men's), 142 (Women's)
Bannatyne campus
  • Brodie Centre, rooms 032A (UTR), 032B (UTR), 034C (UTR), 035C (UTR), 036J (UTR), 171 (Men's, accessible), 172 (Women's, accessible), 275 (Women's, accessible), 276 (Men's), 353 (UTR)
  • John Buhler Research Centre, rooms 519 (Men's), 520 (Women's), 550 (Family washroom), 553 (Non-gendered), 663 (Men's), 635 (Women's), 720 (Men's, accessible), 813 (Men's, accessible)
  • Medical Services Building, room 208A (Men's)
  • Dentistry, room 127 (UTR)

Visit the Maternity and parental leaves intranet page for information on UM employee parental leave benefits.

Older adult care

We understand that members of our community may have responsibilities to care for the older adults in their lives. Here are some programs and resources to support you.

Adult Companionship Services Directory

The Adult Companionship Services (ACS) Directory aims to connect caregivers of adults within the UM community with students offering support through companionship services. 

Launching on National Caregivers Day on April 2, the directory will serve as a centralized hub to locate companionship service providers and post job opportunities. The directory was developed in collaboration with the Centre on Aging and the UM Age-friendly University Committee.

The responsibilities of an Adult Companionship Service Provider are to provide companionship and emotional support and engage in meaningful activities with clients. Companionship services can include a variety of tasks, such as regular check-in visits and phone calls, accompanying clients on outings or appointments, playing cards, fixing light snacks or coffee. It will not include services reserved for professionals, such as lifting, dressing and feeding.

The directory is open to all faculty members, staff, retirees, and students. The vetting process is the responsibility of each family.

If you are a student interested in becoming an adult companionship service provider, please contact

Resource package for clients

Resource package for service providers

For information regarding leaves for caregivers, bereavement benefits or voluntary reduced work options, please refer to your employment group's collective agreement. Visit the Unions and Employment Groups intranet page.

Newcomer supports

There are numerous resources available to you that can help ease the transition for you and your family.

  • Relocation and settlement

    HR Immigration and Family Services provides free relocation and settlement services for recently appointed foreign national academics, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars/professors. Together, we strive to deliver comprehensive support to help you navigate the transition to a new chapter of your life in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    Find more information on relocation and settlement supports on the Join our Academic Community webpage.


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