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UM Intranet serves as your portal to conveniently and quickly access faculty and staff resources and materials needed for your career, life and work at UM. 

Accessible only to those with a email address (faculty, staff, nil appointments and affiliated partner employees), UM Intranet is hosted on SharePoint Online (SPO), a Microsoft 365 application commonly used for intranet sites.

Find out more about UM Intranet content, navigation and supports through the project information and UM Today stories below.

Content moved to UM Intranet

  • Human Resources

    • Change management and implementations
    • Compensation and job classifications
    • Learning and Organization Development
    • Employee and Family Assistance Program
    • Employee recognition
    • Employee Wellness
    • Equity, diversity and inclusion
    • Group insurance
    • Hiring and resource management
    • Holidays, vacation and leaves
    • New employee onboarding
    • Retirement
    • Unions and employment groups
  • Registrar’s Office

    • Academic and registration schedules
    • Academic Calendar
    • Astra
    • Aurora
    • Banner
    • Classroom assignments
    • Communications with students
    • Final exams
    • Final grades (previously Grading)
    • Graduation and convocation
    • Student records management
    • Tuition and fees
    • UM Achieve
  • Faculties

    • Arts (from
    • Health Sciences
    • Social Work (from

    Risk Management

    • Business continuity and emergency response
    • Off campus risk assessment


Learn more about UM Intranet

How do I find my content?

If you are a UM employee, nil appointee or affiliated partner with an active email address, you can: 

  • Access through Faculty and Staff webpage on 
    • Clicking on the UM Intranet button will direct you to log in to Microsoft 365 using your email address and password; or
    • if you are already signed into M365, you will go directly to the UM Intranet homepage. 
  • Access through your bookmarked content, which will redirect to this Transition Page.
  • Access links from or other webpages, which will redirect to this Transition Page. 
  • Access from the SharePoint Online Dashboard if you are more familiar with the Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online application.  
    • Go to the UM Intranet Support site for a step-by-step guide to accessing the SharePoint online dashboard and how to follow your favourite sites. (You must be logged in for the support site link to work.)


Logging in to M365

To access UM Intranet, you will be prompted to log in to Microsoft Office. You must enter your email address and password.

Visit the Microsoft support site to learn more about ‘How sign in works in Microsoft 365’.

I tried to log in, but received an Access Denied notification

Did you use a email or an external (non email address? Try again using your email address. 

If you attempted to log in using your email address, please contact the IST service desk at for further assistance.

I tried to log in and my password is not working/my credentials don’t work

Are you using your email address to log in to UM Intranet? If not, try again with the proper credentials 

Are you already signed in to Microsoft 365 using an email address from another organization?  

  • Option 1: Try opening a private or incognito window in your browser. In the new window, copy and paste the URL you are attempting to access. On the Microsoft login screen, use your email address and password. 
  • Option 2: Sign out of Microsoft 365. Sign in again by selecting ‘use another account’ and entering your email address and password.

I don’t know if I have a email address

If you are an employee of UM:

If you are a nil appointment or affiliated partner (primary employer is not UM):

  • You will be given an employee number and you can claim your ID.

I have to log in to Microsoft 365 multiple times a day

This may be because of your browser cookies settings. Please contact IST Service Desk at for support.

Which browsers work with Office for the web?

You can find out more information on the Microsoft support site for a comprehensive breakdown of the recommended browsers for your device.

If you are having trouble accessing UM Intranet, submit an IST service request to

If you are having trouble finding content on UM Intranet, contact the respective content owner of the content (i.e., HR Service Desk, Registrar’s Office, or the Faculty).

Migrating to UM Intranet: Project information

The UM Intranet project was initiated under the Next Generation Website Experience (NGWE) project. Guided by an intranet working group and in close consultation with staff across UM, the goal of the project is to exceed expectations and deliver an exceptional user experience for internal-facing content.    

Support throughout the three phases includes project communications, user training and the UM Intranet support site.   

Phase 1: Fall 2020 – Spring 2021  

Content from and including Registrar’s Office, Human Resources, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Work and Rady Faculty of Health Sciences migrated in the first launch.  Additional intranet sites to be launched in Phase 2 and 3.   

Phase 2: Spring 2021 – Spring 2022  

Phase 2 will focus on remaining migrations to UM Intranet. Content governance and guidelines will be further developed, and a full roadmap for other intranet sites will be released. 

Phase 3 

Phase 3 will finalize intranet migrations and also explore integrating with other M365 power applications and collaboration tools. 


Our faculty/unit would like to have an intranet site, who do I contact? 

Contact your Marketing and Communications Office (MCO), Communications Officer to find out when your faculty/unit is scheduled in the release roadmap for Phase 2 of the project.