Student Affairs

Student Affairs staff are change-makers. We influence change that has a direct and transformative impact on students, campus culture, and the learning environment. We hold a special obligation to ensure that barriers to engagement in academic and campus life are identified, addressed, and dismantled. 

Our focus is students.  We recognize that there is not one homogenous student experience. The work that we do is informed by, honours and reflects the diversity of our learners, the intersection of their identities, and their lived experiences. We are fiercely committed to facilitating personalized learning experiences so that students can optimize their time here.

And we measure our success. Through regular assessment we demonstrate the impact that we make, calibrate our approaches to best address student needs, remain attuned to the changing expectations of the students we serve, and strive to maintain our position as leaders in Student Affairs practice and in our respective areas of expertise.

Our vision, mission and values

  • Values:

    In alignment with the University of Manitoba’s values, every member of the Student Affairs team strives to be:

    • Inclusive
    • Respectful
    • Collaborative
    • Accountable
    • Innovative
  • Vision:

    We inspire students to fulfill their highest potential.


    We are leaders in cultivating exceptional student experiences.

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As the pandemic continues, the health and safety of our community remains the University of Manitoba's top priority, while still aiming to fulfill our mission of academic and research excellence. Find clear and up-to-date information on our updates page.

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