STATIS can be accessed for consultation about a threatening or disruptive incident or pattern of concerning behaviour (e.g., changes in appearance, social withdrawal or isolation, apparent detachment from reality, or inordinate interest in or discussion of violent themes or events) involving a student or employee of the University, or to report a concern under the Violent or Threatening Behaviour Policy, Sexual Assault Policy, Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy or Student Non-Academic Misconduct and Concerning Behaviour Procedure.

Where a report is received by STATIS, the role of STATIS will be to:

  • Develop an action plan to assist and support the members of the University Community affected by the incident/concerning behaviour;
  • Ensure that members of the University Community affected by the incident/concerning behaviour are consulted where appropriate and kept informed of the developments within the parameters of confidentiality;
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate Unit Head and/or Disciplinary Authority; and
  • Recommend supports for the individual(s) perpetrating the incident/exhibiting concerning behaviour where appropriate; and
  • Take all necessary action relative to the above.

When reporting concerns to STATIS, individuals should attempt to provide the following information:

  • Description of the incident/concerning behaviour;  
  • Name of the person perpetrating the incident/exhibiting the concerning behaviour;
  • Description of those impacted by the incident/concerning behaviour; and
  • Indication of what action has been taken to date (if applicable), including a description of any meetings with the person and any assistance provided, including referrals.

STATIS is comprised of the following representatives:  

  • Vice-Provost (Students);
  • Associate Vice-President (Human Resources);
  • Director, Security Services;
  • Executive Director, Student Support;
  • Student Support Case Manager; and
  • Legal Counsel.

For Staff Concerns:

Director of Security Services

For Student Concerns:

Student Support Case Management
204-474-7423 Email: