The advantages of taking ARTS 1110

In this course you will:

  • Become familiar with the university lecture
  • Focus on the principles of learning and memory, critical thinking, and academic writing
  • Participate in small seminars where you practice writing papers in a supportive environment
  • Explore the ideas that excite you
  • Work with faculty who are committed to your success

Register for ARTS 1110 – Fall and Winter terms

To take ARTS 1110 Introduction to University in the Fall or Winter term, follow the regular Aurora Student registration process.

Register for ARTS 1110 – Summer University Advantage

If you are starting university in the Fall Term, you can choose to take ARTS 1110 in Summer Session and get a jump on your school year.

We call this “Summer University Advantage” because you can take the course, explore campus and connect with other students in a more relaxed environment before Fall Term begins.

To take ARTS 1110 in the summer, complete the application form no later than June 29, 2020. Apply early. Enrolment is limited.

ARTS 1110 permission form

Most students are eligible to take ARTS 1110 without permission; however, you need permission to take the course if it is already full on Aurora or if your course load is more than 60 credit hours.

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