In the First Year Centre, we are working hard to provide support to every new UM student, regardless of faculty or program of study. Currently, our primary method of connecting with students is email.

With about 4500 new UM students, and our new remote reality, there will be a short term delay in receiving a response to your question. We are doing our very best to review and prioritize student concerns, but emails are generally answered in the order they are received.

If you have questions, we definitely want to hear from you, but in order to help you get a solution as quickly as possible, please consider the following when emailing us:

1. Tools are available to help with course selection and registration difficulty.

For new students:

For returning students:

2. Try to find a solution within the materials available.

We want to make sure that all students get timely assistance with their questions. By checking out the tools we have, you’ll probably find the solution on your own. We often find that by the time we get back to a student, they have figured out the issue.  

If you can’t find the solution, then by all means, email us! Be sure to let us know who you are and clearly identify your question.

  1. Use your account to email within UM
  2. Send your question to one email address –
  3. Include your name, student number, and a phone number where we can call you
  4. Use the course planning sheet to identify courses you have/plan to register in
  5. Include a list of questions.  Be as specific as you can.  Using the tools above will help get you started, so we can more easily help you.

3. Please be patient.

Re-sending emails and sending e-mails to multiple addresses makes it challenging to keep track of correspondence, and will likely delay the time it takes for a response. Please email Emails are assigned to advisors daily for responses.