Research themes

Land use and soil map of Manitoba.

Environmental impacts of livestock and modelling systems

The Sustainable Agriculture Modelling Group aims to optimize the use of nutrient, water and land resources through agro‐ecosystems modelling using a systems approach.

Woman conducting color evaluation of bison steaks under retail display conditions.

Meat science and muscle biology

Focus is on improving animal carcass outcomes and value in domesticated (beef, pork and chicken) and exotic species (bison), and the study of packaging, meat shelf life, palatability and food safety.


Our state of the art facilities are available to undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers.

  • An aerial photo of the Glenlea Research Station during summer.

    Glenlea Research Station

    Glenlea Research Station is home to ruminant, swine and poultry research units in which researchers in the Department of Animal Science conduct research projects and teaching and extension demonstrations.

  • A technician works at the Gut Microbiome Laboratory.

    Gut Microbiome Laboratory

    One of the most advanced laboratories of its kind; facility capabilities include Van Leeuvenhoek microscopy, Hungate anaerobic culturing and high throughput sequencing.

  • Inspecting a liquid sample under a high power microscope.

    Livestock Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory

    This infrastructure allows us to perform detailed chemical characterization and nutritional assessment of feed ingredients and to systematically evaluate how nutritional interventions affect gut physiology and health at the levels of mRNA, protein and function research.

  • Chicks at the animal science small animal research facilitity.

    Small Animal Research Facility

    This laboratory is used for poultry research involving broiler chickens or Leghorn type pullets. It is equipped with eight Alternative Design Super Brooders batteries which provides optimal condition for nutritional research.

  • A piglet in a pen at the T.K. Cheung Centre for Animal Research

    T.K. Cheung Centre for Animal Science Research

    The T.K. Cheung Centre for Animal Science Research located at the Fort Gary campus provides flexible space for intensive livestock research projects. It has a Large Animal Biosecurity Laboratory, which includes Level II Containment infrastructures and animal rooms that facilitate livestock microbiome research.

Resources and policies

Animal ordering

All animal ordering requires completion of the animal order form. Please note, if additional details are required, the requester is permitted to edit the form, or utilize their own order form, provided it contains all of the same information as the animal order form. Users must also ensure the form has a dedicated space for departmental signature. Upon completion, submit the form electronically to Charlene Hawryluk in the general office.

Upon approval, this form will be signed and returned to the requester. The approved form must be included with the order for animals (typically done through EPIC).

The requester MUST contact Charlene Hawryluk to confirm when and how many animals have been received upon their arrival.

Please note, receiving/shipping of animals is not permitted until facility attendants receive a copy of the approved form. This includes the receiving/shipping of animals from/to the TK Cheung Centre, Glenlea Research Station and Poultry Barn.

Animal science safety manual

The Animal science safety manual (PDF) serves to maintain a safe environment for all in the department. The department relies upon each individual to use due diligence when working or studying in the various lab spaces. People who are aware of their responsibilities and who undertake tasks with due caution are critical to a safe working environment.

Faculty biosecurity protocol

This protocol document (PDF) defines agricultural biosecurity principles and procedures aimed at minimizing the spread of plant and animal pests and/or harmful biological entities.

New staff/student onboarding

This document (PDF) serves as a general training reference for all new Department of Animal Science staff and graduate students.

Workplace-specific new worker health and safety orientation training record

This document (PDF) is a record of workplace-specific health and safety orientation training provided to new employees. 

Nutrition lab analysis

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