• PhD. University of Alberta


  • PLNT 4590 - Physiology of Crop Plants
  • PLNT 7612 - Advanced Plant Physiology
  • PLNT 7250 - Plant Science Seminar


Research interests

Dr. Ayele’s research is focused on elucidating molecular mechanisms and identifying genes controlling important agronomic traits such as preharvest sprouting and lodging in cereal crops. His team is interested in studying plant hormones/plant growth regulators in cereal crops with respect to their roles in regulating productivity and response to the changing environment. His research specifically identifies molecular features and genes underlying the levels of plant hormones and crop response to these compounds in cereals, and elucidates their functions in regulating traits that determine crop yield and quality and its adaptation to abiotic stress conditions.

Current research projects

  • Molecular and genomic aspects of seed dormancy/preharvest sprouting resistance in cereal crops
  • Hormonal regulation of lodging related morphological and metabolic traits in cereal crops
  • Molecular basis for adaptive responses of cereal crops to abiotic stress



Other information