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The benefits of an Arts degree

An Arts degree is valuable for its ability to help you understand the world, explore topics relating to languages, culture and society, and give you a wide range of new skill sets. It also can take you to the top graduate and professional schools and prepare you for hundreds of careers.

  • Skills for the contemporary workplace

    Managers in business, industry, performing arts, government and non-profit sectors appreciate the value of an Arts degree in their employees. They recognize the importance of these "employability skills" that students gain in pursuit of their Arts degree.

  • The foundation for further education

    You will often need Arts courses if you want to pursue a professional degree. Arts graduates may choose to take further education because the liberal Arts serve as a foundation for most studies at university.

    In your first year, you enter the Faculty of Arts or University 1 and normally take a variety of introductory courses. This introduces you to a number of subjects and helps you to determine your focus for further study. As you advance in your Arts program, you specialize in a discipline to gain in-depth knowledge in a given area.

Undergraduate programs

Students usually begin in the Bachelor of Arts General (3-year) program with an undeclared major and minor program of study. After declaring a program of study, you can elect to pursue a BA Advanced (4-year) degree or a BA Honours (4-year) degree after meeting the qualifying requirements.

Major and minor areas of study in Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers the following major and minor subject areas for Bachelor of Arts degrees. It is recommended that students planning to enter a specific subject field include a course in that subject area in their first year.


A micro-diploma is a short program of study where a student will take a determined number of credit hours of particular courses and then have the credential applied to their degree on their transcript or listed as a standalone credential. The Faculty of Arts offers the following micro-diplomas:


Master's programs

Explore your passion at the next level, and take part in hands-on research with our world-class faculty members. Thesis-based and course-based programs are offered (check with each program for availability). The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers the application process and formally admits students to all graduate programs.

PhD programs

Continue your work with leading edge research and scholarship. The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers the application process and formally admits students to all graduate programs.

Career options

An Arts degree provides a foundational education and skill set that enables you to critically analyze society and culture on a local, national and global level.

What you can do with your Arts degree is often enhanced by skills gained from volunteer and work experience, including involvement in an industry or organization, prior to graduation.

Explore your career options with Career Compass

Map out your career pathway from the start of your academic journey. If you are undecided about a career or would like to start planning for your chosen occupation, you can contact the Career Services Centre for help.

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