Dean's office

  • Rob Hoppa, PhD

    Acting Dean of Arts
    Acting Provost, University College
    Professor of Anthropology
    Fax: 204-474-7590

    Rob Hoppa [BSc/90, MSc/91, PhD/96] began his term as Acting Dean in 2023. He joined the University of Manitoba in 1999 after completing his PhD in the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University. He has served as Associate Dean, Research in the Faculty of Arts since 2009

    Dr. Hoppa is an active researcher and graduate advisor in the field of biological anthropology. His research focuses on growth and development, and palaeodemogaphy in past society and seeks to answer questions regarding the relationship between health and mortality and changing social, economic and cultural conditions in the past. His training is strongly anchored in the biocultural tradition that recognizes the complex interactions of biological and social factors related to health and disease in populations.

  • A photo of Rob Hoppa in front of University of Manitoba administrative building.

Dean's office – faculty

  • Jason Leboe-McGowan, PhD

    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
    Professor of Psychology
    Fax: (204) 474-7590

  • Portfolio:

    • Academic recruitment
    • Academic staff accommodations, grievances, discipline
    • Admissions policy
    • Equity and diversity
    • Flexible learning development
    • Teaching awards, faculty recognition
    • Committees: tenure & promotion, headship, ARPC, IHP council, nominating, executive, department heads council, SCADM


  • Heidi Marx, PhD

    Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Curriculum & Internationalization
    Professor of Religion
    Fax: 204-474-7590

  • Portfolio:

    • BFAR liaison
    • Co-operative education
    • Course planning and programs (CPAC)
    • Curriculum development, programming
    • Endowment fund
    • Graduate curriculum, policy
    • International College of Manitoba student approvals
    • International studies, cooperation, exchanges
    • Program reviews
    • Teaching awards
    • Committees: IHP council, executive, department heads council, Indigenous content, experiential learning, ARAC, local discipline
  • Jila Ghomeshi, PhD

    Associate Dean, Undergraduate
    Professor of Linguistics


  • Portfolio:

    • Academic and non-academic misconduct
    • Academic integrity
    • Grade submissions
    • Program reviews
    • Student recruitment, undergraduate student experience
    • Student awards, recognition
    • Committees: undergraduate student experience, teaching and learning enhancement, Rhodes Scholarship, executive, department heads council, academic advising council, Senate review working group, accessibility/accommodation
  • Randall K. Jamieson, PhD

    Associate Dean, Research
    Professor of Psychology
    Fax: 204-474-7599

  • Portfolio:

    • Facilities and space (including safety and health)
    • Graduate awards, scholarships
    • Research centres, institutes
    • Research grants, contracts, awards
    • Research study leaves
    • Special projects
    • Tri-council applications
    • Undergraduate research symposium
    • Committees: research, executive, department heads council

Dean's office - staff

Budget office


Human resources and Administrative Services

Information and technology

Student services

Arts faculty and staff by program area

Past Deans

  • William Tier

    Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • H. P. Armes

    Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • H. H. Saunderson

    Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • William Waines

    Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • William Sibley

    Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • A. Lloyd Dulmage

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

  • Donald McCarthy

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

  • Fred Stambrook

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

  • John Finlay

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

  • Raymond Currie

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

  • Robert O'Kell

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

  • Richard Sigurdson

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

  • Jeffery Taylor

    Dean, Faculty of Arts

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