Department heads

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Other professorial staff


  • Ivan Roksandic
    University of Winnipeg

  • Erin Wilkinson
    University of New Mexico

Other academic faculty

Professor Emeritus

Graduate students

Masters' students

Connor Mark
Onomastics, syntax, politeness.

Kuntala Shabnam Parama
Algonquian inverse voice system.

Morteza Tavakoli
Cognitive linguistics, conceptual metaphor theory.

PhD students

Atieh Amini
Morphosyntax, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics and endangered languages documentation and revitalization.

Alice (Bo) Coates
Language attitudes in Indigenous heritage language learners.

Tasheney Francis
Discourse analysis, media discourse, rhetoric, sociology of language, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics and all aspects of communication and human interaction.
Read about Francis' experience in the 2019 3MT competition

Khashayar Hamidzadeh
Morphology, grammaticalization, psycholinguistics.

Oluwakemi Kolapo
Discourse analysis, socio-pragmatics, hip-hop discourse.

Michele Pesch-Johnson
Sociolinguistics, online paralinguistic cues. How emoticons are lengthened and the functions of lengthened emoticons. Language documentation and sociophonetics.

Maria Rodrigo-Tamarit
Sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, bilingualism, code switching.

Mohadeseh Rostami Samak
Syntax, morphology, Iranian linguistics, Gilaki language, psycholinguistics.