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  • Dr. Benjamin Belton
    University of Stirling, UK

  • Dr. Yadira Chinique De Armas
    University of Winnipeg

  • Dr. Benjamin Collins
    Term Assistant Professor
    253 St. John's College
    Phone: 204-474-6467

  • Dr. Michael Fabinyi
    School of Communication, University of Technology Sydney

  • Dr. Mostafa Fayek
    Department of Earth Sciences and Centre for Earth Observation Science
    University of Manitoba

  • Dr. Tina Greenfield
    University of Saskatchewan

  • Dr. Scott Hamilton
    Lakehead University

  • Dr. Emily Holland
    Brandon University

  • Dr. Kyoko Kusakabe
    Gender and Development Studies, School of Environment, REsources and Development
    Asian Institute of Technology

  • Dr. Linda Larcombe
    Internal Medicine
    University of Manitoba

  • Dr. Timothy Matney
    University of Akron (USA)

  • Dr. Maureen Matthews
    Manitoba Museum

  • Dr. Brooke Milne
    University of Saskatchewan

  • Dr. Siddiqur Rahman
    Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Dr. Mirjana Roksandic
    University of Winnipeg

  • Dr. Shelley Sweeney
    University of Manitoba

Research Affiliates

  • Dr. Danielle deMoissac
    Université St. Boniface

  • Dr. Sheri Gibbings
    Wilfred Laurier University

  • Dr. Tina Greenfield
    University of Saskatchewan

  • Dr. Barbara Hewitt
    Office of Research Services
    University of Manitoba

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Masters' students


Jahssme Guillaume


Sharmin Afrose (Advisor: Dr. Fabiana Li)
Examining the implications of culturally informed food choices and dietary restrictions for displaced women in South Asia, particularly the Rohingya people in Bangladesh.

Aklima Akter (Advisor: Dr. Derek Johnson)
Exploring womens' engagements in dried fish value chains in Bangladesh, the patriarchal constraints that women encounter, and their efforts to negotiate those gendered obstacles to their social wellbeing. 

Christian Barritt-Cleary (Advisor: Dr. Rob Hoppa)
Age-related cortical bone loss in medieval Denmark. Related interests: osteology, forensic archaeology, paleopathology, anthropogenic bone modification, paleo art.

Francisca Picoto Carneiro Ribeiro Correia (Advisor: Dr. Fabiana Li)

Thomas Doran (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)
The settlement patterns of Late Iron Age people in the Babanango Plateau area of South Africa. 

Mina Dousti (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle)
Feminism and women right's activists and their concerns about women's relations with Iranian states. 

Marcella Dyck (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)

Kevin Edbert (Advisor: Dr. Derek Johnson)
Subjective and objective well being of small/micro scale fishing communities in rural Indonesia. Related interests: cultural anthropology, social psychology, Southeast Asian studies, East Asian studies, cross culture anthropology

Shaghayegh Ghasemi (Advisor: Dr. Lara Rosenoff Gauvin)

Selina Heidinger (Advisor: Dr. Lara Rosenoff Gauvin)
Identity creation and ideas of the self within the furry fandom.

Savannah Kisilowsky (Advisor: Dr. Lara Rosenoff Gauvin)
How repatriation is tied to meaningful reconciliation and healing, and how to do so respectfully within academic institutions.

Madeline Lischka (Advisor: Dr. Mirjana Roksandic)
Using dental morphology to examine the chronological and spatial patterning of population variation within early Caribbean populations. Related interests: Population demography and early human migrations in the Caribbean.

Kaitlyn Martin (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle)
The barriers/challenges of LGBTQ migrants after they arrive in Canada.

Alexandre Monin (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)

Tanzina Nazia (Advisor: Dr. Derek Johnson)

Olajumoke Olalere (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)
The use of low-cost and higher-cost technology for the documentation of archaeological objects from Zulu, South Africa. How 3D technology can be employed to create solutions to aid research, teaching and public engagement. 

Richmond Opoku-Prempeh (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)
Iron metallurgy in the Ancient Zulu Kingdom. Mineralogical and chemical analysis of ore, slag, bloom, etc. to establish the source, production, composition and use of iron tools in the Kingdom. 

PhD students

Vahid Askarpour

Annie Brown (Advisor: Dr. Haskel Greenfield)

Camille Callison (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle)

Francis Darko (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle and Dr. Warren Clarke)
Anthropological research approaches to race, anti-Black racism and discrimination among Afro-Caribbean Canadians, immigrants and newcomers.

Kristel Doran (Advisor: Dr. Mirjana Roksandic)
The Upper Paleolithic in Europe. Related interests: archaeology of childhood, Neanderthals, archaeological theory.

Gifty Dzorka (Advisor: Dr. Fabiana Li)
How the introduction of rice production in a predominantly maize producing and consuming society in Ghana by a commercialized corporate company, influencing smallholder farmers' food system.

Mary Grace Golfo Barcelona (Advisor: Dr. Shelley Sweeney and Dr. Brooke Milne)

Grace Holmes (Advisor: Dr. Julia Gamble)
Diet through dental microwear texture analysis on cremated and burnt teeth through experimental archaeology. Related interests: 3D teeth scanning, repatriation, Indigenous archaeology, epiphyseal fusion, LEXT microscope.

Elizabeth Hydesmith (Advisor: Dr. Linda Larcombe)

Gerhard Jordaan (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)

Martin Kashty (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle)

Wae Win Khaing (Advisor: Dr. Derek Johnson)
The link between development, migration, work in dried fish value chains and wellbeing of actors participating in dried fish value chains in Myanmar.

Mahyar Khademibami (Advisor: Dr. Haskel Greenfield)

Ishaan Khot (Advisor: Dr. Derek Johnson)

Joshua Lindal (Advisor: Dr. Mirjana Roksandic)
Variability in molar root morphology in Neanderthals and mid-Pleistocene "Homo".

Viviane Luiza da Silva (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle)

Alexandra Mackay-Brown (Advisor: Dr. Emily Holland)

Kristjan Mann (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle)

Felicia Masenu (Advisor: Dr. Lara Rosenoff Gauvin)​​​​​​​

Isaack Otieno (Advisor: Dr. Lara Rosenoff Gauvin)

Desmond Owusu-Ansah (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)
German colonialism and archaeology in Africa, development anthropology, ethnoarchaeology, landscape archaeology, complex societies in Africa, cultural resource management and museums studies and education.

Shahrzad Parsaei (Advisor: Dr. Haskel Greenfield)
Archaeology and zooarchaeology of Near East, ancient subsistence of Near East, the human communities, behaviour and ancient religions.

Krystal Payne (Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Buddle)
How archives and archivists can respect and foster Indigenous archival sovereignty through community-driven archival projects. 

Md Mahfuzar Rahman (Advisor: Dr. Derek Johnson)

Sarah Richardson (Advisor: Dr. Haskel Greenfield)
Geospatial data collection and analysis, legacy data digitization and preservation, household spatial analysis, prehistoric households, Southern Levantine Bronze Ages, cultural heritage preservation, pigment usage and trade. 

Jordan Scholfield (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)
The change in the technological aspects of ceramic production between the Early Iron Age and Late Iron Age in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Garth Sutton (Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler)

Tracey Turner (Advisor: Dr. Maureen Matthews)

Jessie Jr Varquez (Advisor: Dr. Derek Johnson)
Environmental anthropology, small-scale fisheries, livelihoods, food systems, more-than-human anthropology, Philippine studies.

Deland Wing (Advisor: Hasket Greenfield)


Postdoctoral fellows