• Jason-Leboe-McGowan
  • Professor;
    Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)

    Faculty of Arts
    Department of Psychology
    Area: Brain and Cognitive Sciences
    P427 Duff Roblin
    190 Dysart Road
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

    Phone: 204-474-8403

    Preferred pronouns: he/him


Currently accepting graduate students - no

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As an undergraduate student and Master's student at Simon Fraser University, I studied heuristic influences on remembering and categorization. As a doctoral student at McMaster University, I investigated the contribution of remembering principles to performance of non-remembering tasks, such as the speed and accuracy in which people perform perceptual identification tasks. These studies were aimed at learning more about how recent and related prior experiences can either facilitate or impair subsequent performance of a task. During my career at the University of Manitoba, I have been primarily interested in sources of distortion, error and inefficiency in remembering and perception tasks.


  • PhD (Cognitive Psychology), McMaster University, 2002
  • MA (Cognitive Psychology), Simon Fraser University, 1999
  • BA (Psychology), Simon Fraser University, 1997


Research interests

  • Human memory
  • Human perception and attention
  • Human affect
  • Human decision-making

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