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    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)
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Jennifer Frimpong (Advisor: Dr. Janice Compton)
Women employment, immigration policies, internal migration
Thesis title: Three Essays on the Labour Market Integration of Immigrants in Canada

Lawrencia Greenslade (Dr. Carlos Yepez)
Macroeconomics, monetary economics, econometrics 

Iqbal Hossain (Advisor: Dr. Janice Compton)
Labour economics
Thesis title: Essays on Disaster and Household Labour Supply

Md. Aslam Hossain (Advisor: Dr. Umut Oguzoglu)
Health economics, behavioral economics, institutional economics
Thesis title: Inter-Generation Health Stock Model (IGHSM) within the Family Framework and its Application

Nusrat Jahan (Advisor: Dr. Soodeh Saberian)
Environmental economics

Atish Neogi (Advisor: Dr. Janice Compton)
Returns to education, economics of immigrants, labour force and employment
Thesis title: Essays on education and employment outcome of the US and Canadian immigrants

Thuhid Noor (Advisor: Dr. Laura Brown)
International economics, applied econometrics, machine learning, regional policy economics, economics of migration 
Thesis title: Reimagining Endogeneity in Trade and Migration: Using Shift-Share Instrumental Variables & Machine Learning

Mingjin Xia (Advisor: Dr. Umut Oguzoglu)
E24, J31, C21, Q53, I18, M14
Thesis titles: (1) Can Air Pollution Increase Sleeplessness? A Spatial Analysis from a Panel of Chinese Cities (2) The Effect of Chinese Real-time Air Pollution Monitoring Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Spatial Difference-in-Difference Analysis (3) The Effect of Minimum Wage on Employment: A Spatial Analysis from a Panel of Chinese Cities