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    Department of Religion
    Room 328 Fletcher Argue Building
    University of Manitoba (Fort Gary Campus)
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
    Phone: 204-474-9516
    Fax: 204-474-7601

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Professor Emeritus

  • Dr. Klaus Klostemaier
    Distinguished Professor Emeritus, FRSC

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Masters' students (JMP)

Daniel Boswick
Research: Morality, taking a close look at 'discourse ethics' as developed by Jürgen Habermas.

Jerome Falk
Research: Greco-Roman religion, culture, thought. Early Christianity (from New Testament through to late ancient/early medieval). Theory/philosophy/theology (ancient and/or modern). Classical languages.

Christopher Gotting

Carriera Lamoureux

Roderick Richardson

Tiana Thomson

PhD students

Razie Basfa

Donna Brown
Research: Tibetan Buddhism, contemporary Buddhism in North America, Buddhist international organizations, Buddhist social engagement, forgiveness and reconciliation and traditionalism and modernism in contemporary religion.

Walter Luzzi
Research: Rights of women in Islam, today's view of women in Islam as a result of colonialism, freedom of conscience.

Maryam Mohammadrezayi
Research: Islamic philosophy/western philosophy, hermeneutics and mysticism.

Heather Patrick
Research: History of religion, parody and satire in first through fifth century early Christian and Greco-Roman 'sacred' texts, religion and popular culture.

Afrin Rahman

Robert Russell

Catherine van Reenen
Research: 19th and 20th century spiritualism, history of religions, history of science and technology and western esotericism.