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Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Masters' students

Lauren Dietterle
Sociological theories of space and place, architectural studies and hauntings and violence within the domestic sphere.

Amelia Furlinger
Creative approaches to literary and theoretical analyses with a fond interest in social evolution around "madness", maladies, legalities and advocacy.

Ariella Gunn
Restoration literature and theatre, text and performance, theories of gender and sexuality.

Ilianna Hoople
English Romanticism focusing on the interactions of 18th-19th century literature with concepts of gender and sexuality. Comparing the past and present values of inclusion has sparked an interest in how genre and media categorization have altered throughout time.

Hoyong Jeong
Conflict theory, (neo)colonialism, deconstruction, imperialism, macroeconomic environment in literary works, exploitation and its societal consequences.

Amal Majumder
Extractivism and energy humanities, Indigenous literature, South-east Asian folk literature and philosophy, identity and subjectivity in virtual space.

Lakshmisree Shaji Marar
Marxist theory, fan theory, critical race studies, gender and sexuality studies. Currently researching the racial and gender aspects of affective fan responses to North American popular fiction that feature South Asian women protagonists.

PhD students

Sasha Braun
Intersections of queerness, exile and nation-building; INdigenous and settlement literatures; deconstruction; perplexity and the ineffable; equivocation and power.

Kirsty Cameron
Literature of the U.S. South.

GG Dascal
Representations of Bisexuality and Queer culture in visual media, within the Horror genre and specifically on film. Other interests include the power of imagery and the ways in which it can affect pre-established social categories and prescriptions, especially when dealing with themes and subjects that are often relegated to the periphery of the dominant socio-cultural paradigm.

Theo Farough
Medieval and Medievalist literature, with a focus in chivalric literature and Arthurian legend. Other interests include creative writing, sci-fi and fantasy, manga and graphic novels, critical theory, poetry and the intersection of literary studies with History and Philosophy. Avid One Piece fan.

Joel Ferguson
Romanticism and its creative processes, the poetics of space, 18th-19th century travel writing, working class representations of rural Britain, the pastoral mode.

Amy-Leigh Gray
Figurations of girlhood in twentieth-century American literary and cultural representations of farming and meat production. Looking to the intimacies between farmed animals and girls, she tends to questions of reproductive rights and race, disposability and deviancy and queer attachments and interspecies futures. Other research interests include critical animal studies, Black feminist thinking, queer theory, modernist literature and performance and dance studies.

Virginia Page Jähne
Bibliographic study which will include an exploration of the importance of preserving the materiality and aesthetic of the book, particularly when confronted with technological change.

Golnaz Heidar Jamshidi
Postcolonial literature, postcolonial theories, modern and contemporary literature: 20th and 21st century, neocolonialism, Persian literature, Iranian women writers, American literature, Indigenous literature, comparative literature and drama.

Emily Maggiacomo
Mental illness narratives and antipsychiatry in 1960s literature.

Heidi Malazdrewich
Contemporary Canadian theatre for social change and human rights related theatrical practices.

Eva Miranda
Theatre performance and history; theatrical design (costume, sets, props and eco-friendly materials); disability, cultural accessibility; South American drama, literature, cultural dialogues and translation; ASL, deaf cultures; culture & arts policy.

Shelby Steele
Victorian literature, British literature, women writers, gender and feminist theory, capitalism and Marxist theory and industrial fiction.

Sakshi Tyagi
How one approaches multi-layered identities within the discourse of African feminisms, the postcolonial nation-state and ethnic reality that these writers situate their characters in, and finally how is the form of realism mixed with traditional modes of expression and mythologies used by third-generation Nigerian women writers in identity-construction. Other interests include African futurism, Afrofuturism and literature of the African diaspora.

Postdoctoral fellows

  • Dr. Christina Turner

    Supervisor: Dr. Warren Cariou

    Areas of interest: Indigenous literatures, speculative fiction, law and literature, Indigenous law