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Masters' students

Graham Adumata (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Asomah)
Research Interests: White collar crime, surveillance, policing , power and inequality

Sara Fehr (Advisor: Dr. Susan Prentice)
Research interests: income inequality, basic income, gender inequality, social welfare policy, power and inequality, disability policy, childcare policy

Ophelia Gaisie (Advisor: Dr. Andrew Woolford)
Research interests: health, human rights, illegal mining, social inequality, qualitative methods, criminology, ecology, comparative studies
Thesis title: Intersection Between Ecological Destruction and Human Rights: Study of Illegal Mining Activities in Ghana

Denise Humphreys (Advisor: Dr. Andrew Woolford)
Research interests: genocide
Thesis title: Addressing Settler Colonialism Within Genocide Education in North American Post-Secondary Institutions

Peace Ifeanyi (Dr. Joseph Asomah)
Research interests: Environmental sociology; criminology; immigration, homelessness and refugee studies; sociology of education; social inequality

Cornelia Kauenhowen (Advisor: Dr. Laura Funk)
Research interests: ageism, the older university student and continuous human development over the life course, age-friendly universities, qualitative methods, autobiographical, and critical gerontology

Amandeep Kaur (Advisor: Dr. Andrew Woolford)
Research interests: Restorative justice, human rights, and gender equality

Andrea McDougall (Advisor: Dr. Mara Fridell)
Research interests: housing inequality, social and non-market housing policy and programming, historical and comparative social welfare policy analysis

Camille Nichols (Advisor: Dr. Laura Funk)
Research interests: Sociology of death and dying, necropolitics, queer theory

Marjia Rahman (Advisor: Dr. Sonia Bookman)
Research interests: culture, consumer behaviour, media, brands

Halle Rempel (she/her) (Advisor: Dr. Mara Fridell) 
Research interests: Interests: sexual violence, reproductive justice, gendered law, intersectionality, human rights, constitutional law

PhD students

Abdul-Bari Abdul-Karim (Advisor: Dr. Lori Wilkinson)
Research interests: labour market outcome of foreign trained professionals and international students, anti-racism and other forms of discrimination, quantitative and qualitative methods, immigration and refugee studies

Ley D. Fraser (Advisor: Dr. Tracey Peter)
Research interests: gender minorities, intersectionality, social inequality, mixed methods research
Thesis title: At the Identity Crossroads: Transgender Canadians and Intersectional Discrimination

Tiffany Hall (Advisor: Dr. Sonia Bookman)
Research interests: culture, consumption, hoarding behaviour, qualitative methods

Kaitlyn Obedzinski Kuryk (Advisor: Dr. Christopher Fries)
Research interests: medicalization, home care, medical gaze, private/public care, family, family caregivers

Chenyu (Johnny) Liu  (Advisor: Dr. Lori Wilkinson)
Research Interests: immigration, migration motives, labour market performance, qualitative methods

Jihad (Rosty) Othman (Advisor: Dr. Lori Wilkinson)
Research interests: immigration and refugee studies, sociology of health, race and ethnicity, research methods

Bora Salman (Advisor: Dr. Laura Funk)
Research interests: sociology of health, health policy, genomics, biotechnology

Zoë St. Aubin (Advisor: Dr. Mark Hudson)
Research interests: sociology of consumption, environmental sociology, cultural sociology, labour class studies
Thesis title: Resource extraction labourers: The forgotten voice in ethical sustainable consumerism choirs

Janice Tilly (Advisor: Dr. Christopher Fries)
Research interests: qualitative research, military/Veteran health, civilian to military transition, military culture, health promotion from a salutogenesis perspective

Xiyuan Xia (Marvin) (Advisor: Dr. Andrew Woolford)
Research interests: ethnic conflicts, genocide