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  • Sociology and Criminology student advising

    Undergraduate Student Advisor

    Kaitlyn Kuryk

    Please provide detailed information including your full name, UM student number as well as how to contact you.

    Advisors can provide useful advice and information about the academic program, information about course selections, preparing for and being accepted into graduate programs, careers in sociology and criminology and related fields or obtaining special permission to enter courses if you do not have the prerequisite(s).

    Advisors in the Department of Sociology and Criminology ONLY provide guidance on discipline specific courses. They CANNOT offer advice on degree requirements outside of sociology and criminology courses. Please contact the Academic Advisors in the Faculty of Arts if you require assistance with degree requirements (e.g., math, writing, science and humanities credits as well as 6-credit hours in 5 different subject fields) ancillary options (i.e., credits outside of your major/minor) and GPA requirements.


Sociologists and criminologists engage in a variety of community-based, local, national and international projects, presenting diverse opportunities for student research involvement.

  • Dying at Home

    Dr. Laura Funk

    Understanding the complexity of preferences for place of death and family involvement in end of life (EOL) care is especially urgent following decades of changes in Canadian health and social policies, funding and service delivery, which have increased structural pressures towards aging and dying in place.

    This study examines and compares public attitudes and policy on dying at home and responsibility for supporting home death.

    More about the research project

  • Democratizing data: Canadian Immigration Research Portal

    Dr. Lori Wilkinson
    Canada Research Chair in Migration Futures

    This new interactive map provides statistical demographic data to policy analysts, researchers, NGO workers, students and the public across Canada helping to inform discussions, support grant requests and direct programming among local partnerships, the settlement sector, government, business, and ethnocultural, Indigenous and newcomer communities.

    More about the Canadian Immigration Research Portal

  • Why Food Sovereignty Matters

    Dr. Annette Desmarais

    What is food sovereignty? What is it that makes it such a powerful idea? What is the significance of this new vision of agriculture and food? How do communities actually engage in it?

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