2022 Distinguished Alumni Awards Celebration of Excellence Gala

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Join the UM community during Homecoming 2022 to celebrate the accomplishments of these five remarkable UM alumni as well as the 2020 and 2021 award recipients.

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  • Congratulations DAA 2022 recipients!

  • Dr. Arnold Naimark.
  • Lifetime Achievement

    Dr. Arnold Naimark [BSc(Med)/57, MD/57, MSc/60]

    For his lifelong commitment to promoting health care research funding and education in this province and at the University as former Dean of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, distinguished service as former UM president and vice-chancellor, and significant volunteer service with numerous organizations.

  • Charlie Spiring.
  • Professional Achievement

    Charlie Spiring [BComm(Hons)/80]

    For his unparalleled business accomplishments, changing the face of Winnipeg’s investment community, as Founder of Wellington West Holding Inc. and current Founder and Chairman of Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.

  • Dr. Peter McPherson.
  • Academic Innovation

    Dr. Peter McPherson [BSc(Hons)/86, MSc/88]

    For his world-renowned research in the field of membrane trafficking, the process by which molecules enter or exit a cell and are distributed within it, at McGill University and at the Montreal Neurological Institute.

  • Pam Klein.
  • Community Service

    Pam Klein [MEd/83] 

    For her lifelong volunteer commitment serving as founder, chair or member of over 30 organizations and events, including as chancellor of the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation, and the “Power of Pink,” a bi-annual event that raises funds and awareness for breast cancer.

  • Dr. Carly McLellan.
  • Outstanding Young Alumni

    Dr. Carly McLellan [BA/16, MD/20]

    For her incredible leadership in both Indigenous health and rural medicine, volunteer service for the Winnipeg Inter-Professional Student-run Health Clinic at Mount Carmel Clinic, and as a contributor to the Indigenous Health course review in the University of Manitoba medical school curriculum.

2021 Distinguished Alumni Awards recipients

  • On behalf of UM, congratulations to this year's DAA recipients

    The Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize our most exceptional alumni whose achievements, gained through years of passionate dedication, have directly benefitted people living in Manitoba and around the world.

    It is suiting we refer to this year's recipients as "agents of change." You see it on our young alumni being honoured—Ashley Richard, Nirvani Umadat and Chris Voth—who create spaces for underrepresented groups to stand proud and to access resources. You see it in our community service recipients—Zofia de Witt, Lita Fontaine and Doug Harvey—who selflessly build others up and build cultures of giving.

  • And in our professional achievement recipients—Dwayne Miller, Norma Ramsay and Helen Robinson-Settee—whose bold ideas continue to transform communities and disciplines. You see it with our Lifetime Achievement recipient, Myra Laramee, a profound thinker whose wisdom enlightens public discourse and inspires one to be the very agent of change needed for the times.

    They have each used their University of Manitoba education and experience to make their mark. On behalf of their alma mater, it is my pleasure to congratulate them and to thank them for all they have done and continue to do. They make us proud.

    -Michael Benarroch, President and Vice-Chancellor at UM

  • President & Vice Chancellor Dr. Michael Benarroch

Distinguished Alumni Awards eligibility and award categories

Celebrate UM graduates who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in their professional and personal lives, are inspiring fellow alumni, current students and the broader community, and have made significant, transformative contributions to society.

Nominations are closed as of March 28. For more information, please contact Roslyn Dally.

Eligibility requirements

Alumni who have received an honorary degree bestowed by the University of Manitoba have received the institution’s highest honour and therefore are not eligible for nomination. In addition, the following alumni cannot be nominated:

  • Those who currently hold political office at a local, provincial/state, national, or Indigenous government level
  • Members of the Distinguished Alumni Awards Selection Panel or Award Category Pre-Selection Subcommittees
  • Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • Members of the University of Manitoba Board of Governors
  • Members of the University of Manitoba's senior leadership team, specifically for the Academic Innovation Award, including Deans, Associate Deans, Vice-Presidents and Vice-Provosts

Award categories

Distinguished Alumni Award nominations open annually and mark an excellent opportunity to recognize UM alumni who are an inspiration to fellow alumni, current students and the community, both close to home and around the globe.

Deadline: Nominations are now closed

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes graduates who have shown personal and professional achievements and leadership throughout their lifetime and continue to make significant and transformative contributions to their profession, their community and the University of Manitoba.

Nominees must demonstrate a lifetime of:

  • outstanding contributions that made a transformative impact within their community
  • exemplary achievement throughout their lifetime
  • service to the University of Manitoba as an alum

Professional Achievement Award

This award recognizes graduates who have reached the pinnacle of and are at the top of their professional career, and have previously received recognition from within their discipline. The focus of this award is professional achievement that is non-academic in nature.

Nominees must demonstrate:

  • a standard of professional excellence throughout their career that has inspired their colleagues and peers with an emphasis on their professional achievements in the last three to five years
  • exceptional leadership in his/her profession
  • outstanding and transformative achievements recognized by the nominee’s professional community

Academic Innovation Award

This award recognizes graduates who have reached the pinnacle of and are at the top of their academic career and have previously received recognition for their innovation and research excellence in academia.

Nominees must demonstrate:

  • outstanding innovation and research achievements and excellence in academia that have had a major, transformative impact on the community and society to help make for a better world
  • at least 51% of their current or past employment (if retired / emeritus) in academia at a recognized post-secondary institution(s) anywhere around the world

Community Service Award

This award recognizes graduates who have had a transformative impact on those in their community, either on the local, national or international level.

Nominees must demonstrate:

  • extraordinary efforts that have made a positive impact on their community
  • community service or volunteer work that has engaged and inspired others
  • community service that is clearly outside of or above and beyond their professional discipline in a voluntary, charitable and non-paid capacity

Outstanding Young Alumni Award

This award recognizes graduates who are under the age of 35 before the close of nominations (March 28, 2022) who have demonstrated significant contributions and leadership to their field of endeavour, their community and the University of Manitoba.

Nominees must demonstrate:

  • inspiring achievements in their field
  • contributions that have had a transformative impact in their community
  • service to the University of Manitoba, both while as a student and ongoing as an alum

About the Distinguished Alumni Awards

Over six decades, the Distinguished Alumni Awards have celebrated outstanding University of Manitoba alumni including Olympians, Nobel prize winners, and world-renowned advocates of human rights.

Our province and community thrive on the service of volunteers. University of Manitoba alumni participate on boards, connect with students through career and mentorship programs, and have a genuine love for their alma mater and want to help nurture its success. The Distinguished Alumni Awards allows us to celebrate amazing UM alumni and inspire future generations of UM graduates to follow in their footsteps.

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