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Program details

The Department of French, Spanish and Italian offers programs of study leading to a Master of Arts degree in French and a Pre-Master’s option.

Master of Arts in French

Expected duration: 1-2 years

The MA program consists of a combination of coursework and a thesis component.

Tuition and fees: Program fees are assessed in the first two terms of study, followed by a continuing fee in the third and any subsequent terms. (refer to Graduate tuition and fees)

In addition to the minimum course requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section, students must complete: 

  • Four three-credit courses at the 7000 level, including at least one in literary theory
  • Write a master's thesis of about sixty pages

Sample course offerings

  • FREN 7520 Littérature du 17e siècle (3 credits)
  • FREN 7520 Lumières et révolution (3 credits)
  • FREN 7560 De Jack Kerouac à Jack Kérouac (3 credits)
  • FREN 7560 Ecriture autobiographique (3 credits)
  • FREN 7580 Littérature francophone et écologie (3 credits)
  • FREN 7580 Le roman urbain africain (3 credits)
  • FREN 7580 Ecrire pour la recherche (3 crédits) 
  • FREN 7580 Histoire des médias franco-canadiens de l'Ouest (3 credits)
  • FREN 7580 Lire la bande-dessinée (3 credits)
  • FREN 7590 Roman et nouvelle du 19ème siècle (3 credits)

For full course descriptions, please visit the Academic Calendar.

Pre-master's option

Expected duration: 1 year

Tuition and fees: One year’s tuition, then continuing fees in subsequent years (refer to Graduate tuition and fees)

Pre-master's students follow, in agreement with the director of graduate studies, courses at the 3000 to 4000 level which will enable them to later apply for the master's degree.

Graduate advisors

Visit our graduate advisor section for more information on finding a graduate advisor and the diversity of our research interests.

Admission requirements

The following are minimum requirements to be considered for entry into the program. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Admission decisions are based on the qualifications of the applicant as well as the ability of the Department of French, Spanish and Italian and the University of Manitoba to serve the applicant’s intended program of study and area of specialization.

Please note that the Department of French, Spanish and Italian at the University of Manitoba does not offer any specialization in French linguistics or Teaching French as a foreign language. Applications relevant to these areas will be automatically rejected.

In addition to the admission requirements described here, all applicants must meet the minimum admission and English language proficiency requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

To be considered for admission to the Français (M.A.) program, you must have a minimum of a four-year Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with a major in French. 

Pre-Master's admission requirements

To be considered for the Pre-Master’s program you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last two (2) full years of university study.

How to apply

The Master’s in French program has two application deadlines per year, and applications are accepted for Fall and Winter entry. Applications must be completed online and include several parts:

  • $100 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Unofficial copies of transcripts and degree certificates 
  • Statement of intent written in French
    • Detail your background, goals and your intended area of specialization in 500 words or less
  • Two letters of recommendation (must be requested from within the application). In addition to the recommendation form, the department strongly recommends that each referee also provide a written reference letter describing in more detail the candidate’s qualifications.
  • An academic writing sample in French (for example, an essay written for a literature or culture class). 
  • Proof of English language proficiency, if required

Please read the Faculty of Graduate Studies online application instructions before beginning your application.

Application deadlines

Applications are reviewed on a committee basis. Please contact the department for admission committee review timelines.

Applications open up to 18 months prior to start term.

Canadian and US applicants

Term Annual application deadline
Fall (September) May 1
Winter (January) September 1

International applicants

Term Annual application deadline
Fall (September) January 15
Winter (January) June 1

Pre-master's applicants

Term Canadian/US Applicants
Annual application deadline
International Applicants
Annual application deadline
Fall (September) June 1 March 1 
Winter (January) October 1 July 1

Applicants must submit their online application with supporting documentation and application fee by the deadline date indicated.

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