Step 1 Check your application status

You will be notified by email when a decision has been made on your application.

Once you've submitted an application, check your application status to ensure that your application is complete and your fee has been paid. Once all required materials are marked as "received," your application status will be "complete." Applications are only considered complete after the application fee has been paid.

Processing times for each program vary based on the review process. Applications are reviewed on either a rolling or committee basis:

  • Rolling: Applications are reviewed once they are received, on an ongoing basis. Check your application status in the admissions portal for updates. If your application is awaiting review, you can contact your department directly for timelines.
  • Committee: The Admissions Committee meets to review applicants during a set period every intake. Decisions are made once the committee has met and reviewed all applications.

You will be notified by email once a decision has been made on your application.

Step 2 Accept your offer

If you have been notified of a decision and have received an offer, you need to accept or decline your offer and address any special conditions. To accept or decline your offer, log in to the student portal, select the "enrolment form" link and follow the prompts. Your decision letter will update you to include your enrolment status.

We will not send you a printed copy of your letter. If you wish, you can access your admission letter and print it from the student portal.

    Verify that you have accepted or declined your offer

    There are two ways to verify that you have accepted or declined your offer:

    • Select "Summary" next to the appropriate application. Scroll to the "Decisions" subsection, where your enrolment status will be noted as "Accept, Decline, or will be blank.
    • Select the decision (example, Final Admission). Within the decision letter scroll to the first sub-section, Admission. Your Acceptance of Offer Status will be noted as Accepted Offer, Declined Offer or Pending.

    Address any outstanding conditions

    Check your offer of admission letter for special conditions. If you do, please clear these as soon as possible.

    If requested, a copy of your Passport or Permanent Residence card can be emailed to our office or uploaded in your Student Portal. Permanent Residence cards (front and back) and copies of Canadian Passports are required to verify citizenship for tuition fees. Birth certificates or passports can be sent in by email.

    Please be sure to include your Student Number (found on your admission letter) with any documentation you send to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

    After you have accepted your offer

    Here are some key tasks you can complete after you have accepted your offer:

    Step 3 Submit official documents

    We require official copies of transcripts after you are recommended for admission. 

    If you are provisionally admitted, official transcripts, degree certificates and translations must come from the Main Records Office of the issuing institution in a sealed and endorsed (stamped across the back flap) envelope before final admission can be granted. We generally require official copies of your transcripts, degree certificates and/or translations within one month of your letter of offer.

    All international transcripts must be accompanied by degree certificates that indicate that the degree has been awarded. 

    Your transcripts, degree certificates, and all other documents listed on your admission letter must be submitted directly to our office before you register for courses.

    Please include your Student ID (found on your admission letter) with all documents submitted to Graduate Studies.

    For more information, please review your decision letter located in your Student Portal.

    Official University of Manitoba transcripts are not required. If you have access to your Aurora Student account you may upload a web transcript. If not, an Admissions Assistant will add a copy of your transcript to your file for you.

    How to submit


    Official transcripts, degree certificates and translations must come from the Main Records Office of the issuing institution in a sealed and endorsed (stamped across the back flap) envelope before final admission can be granted.

    Documents should be sent to the following address:

    Graduate Admissions
    University of Manitoba
    500 UMSU University Centre
    66 Chancellors Circle
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

    If you are submitting hard-copy original documents, please send them by registered mail or courier to ensure they don't get lost.

    Transcripts and other academic documents become university property once they are submitted and will not be returned.

    Secure Electronic Delivery Service

    Official transcripts can be mailed or sent electronically through certain secure electronic delivery services, such as Parchment, e-Script-Safe, MyCreds or National Student Clearinghouse.

    The University of Manitoba is a registered receiving organization with MyCredsTM. Applicants from participating member universities and colleges can release their transcripts to the University of Manitoba through their MyCredsTM portal.

    To submit your transcript through MyCreds:

    1. Go to
    2. Select the "Send my document to a registered organization" in the MyCreds "Document Sharing" form.
    3. Select the "University of Manitoba – Faculty of Graduate Studies" in the "Recipient" field and enter the program you are applying for in the "Program of Application" field.

    Step 4 Register for courses

    All graduate programs have specific registration instructions. Please contact your program for direction.

    Your registration is not complete until fee payments are received or fee payment arrangements have been made in writing prior to the fee payment deadline dates. Once your program is approved, please follow departmental procedures to register.

    New students

    All graduate students must initially register in the term specified in their letter of acceptance. Any student not registering by the registration deadline for the term specified in their letter of offer will be required to re-apply for admission.

    In exceptional circumstances and with prior approval from the department/unit, a student may defer registration for up to one term following acceptance into the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In the case of international students, admission may be deferred, with prior approval from the department/unit, for up to one year following acceptance.

    Program approval

    All programs must be approved by the head of the major department or unit or designate. Approval to take courses from other departments or units must be obtained from outside the department or unit.

    Returning students


    All students must re-register in all Fall, Winter and Summer terms of their program until a degree is obtained (with the exception of pre-Master's Students).

    Failure to re-register will result in the student being discontinued from their graduate program.

    A student who has been discontinued and would like to be considered for continuation in a program must apply for re-admission, which is not guaranteed.

    The re-registration requirement does not apply to occasional students, visiting students, pre-master's students or students on an Exceptional or Parental Leave of Absence (please refer to "Leave of Absence," Section 8 of the Graduate Studies Academic Guide).

    The notation "Discontinued Graduate Program" will be placed on the academic record of any graduate student who has failed to maintain continuous registration.

    Progress report

    The progress report must be completed at least annually and returned to the Faculty of Graduate Studies no later than June 1 of every year. Failure to provide a progress report by June 1 will result in registration access being denied.

    Continuing courses

    For courses that are being taken by students enrolled in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and that continue beyond the normal academic tern, the instructor shall recommend that a mark classification of "CO" be used until such time as a final grade can be established.

    If the course is not completed by August 31, the student must re-register for the course(s). In the absence of an assigned mark of "CO," the student may receive a mark of F in that term.

    Contact us

    Faculty of Graduate Studies
    Room 500 University Centre
    65 Chancellors Circle
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2  Canada

    Our office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.