Payment options

Find details below on how to pay your University of Manitoba tuition and fees, for students both within and outside of Canada, sponsored students, and those paying installments.

Pay from within Canada

Paying your tuition and fees with online or mobile banking is the preferred method, but other options are also available to you.

Online or mobile banking - preferred method

Make payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world.

How to sign up

1. Contact your financial institution to set up an online banking account if you do not have one.

2. Set up the University of Manitoba as a payee. You need to provide an account number: this is your seven-digit University of Manitoba student identification number.

  • If your financial institution requires more than seven digits as an account number, enter zeros as your lead digits (e.g., 001234567).

Allow two to three business days to see your payment posted to your Aurora account. Once the funds are received, the university will record your payment date as the date processed by the bank, not the date that we receive it.


With HigherEdPoints you can turn loyalty program points – earned by you, your parents, relatives, or others – into money for school. Instead of redeeming your loyalty points for flights or merchandise, you can redeem them for a HigherEdPoints education credit.

Visit HigherEdPoints.comto find participating loyalty programs and for more information.

There are no guaranteed processing times for HigherEdPoints.


Where possible, please pay using the online banking method to avoid potential wait times and card spending limits.

  • Your financial institution sets maximum limits on debit card spend and withdrawal activity.

    Review your bank account information or check with your financial institution before visiting the Cashier’s Office to ensure your daily and transaction dollar limits are sufficient for your transaction amount.

Cheque, bank draft or money order

We are accepting cheques, bank drafts and money orders by mail or through our Fort Garry campus Drop-Box located at 138 University Centre (outside the Cashier’s Office), or in person.”

Completing your cheque, bank draft or money order

  • Use the current date (post-dated cheques will be assessed applicable late fees)
  • Make it payable to "University of Manitoba"
  • Ensure the written and numerical amounts match
  • Sign your name (for cheques)
  • Write your student number and phone number on the front (for cheques)


  • A $30 charge, plus applicable late fees, will apply to all returned cheques.
  • If we receive two Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) cheques from you, we will not accept additional cheques from you.

How to submit your payment

You can send your payment by mail or use our Express Drop Box, as detailed below.

Send your payment by mail

Ensure you have followed the instructions above for completing your cheque, bank draft or money order and mail it to:

Cashiers' Office
University of Manitoba
138 University Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2

Mail delivery is unpredictable, timeframes vary greatly and there are no guarantees provided by postal services. Payments received past the fee deadline date will be assessed late payment penalties regardless of the postmark date.

Submit your payment through our Drop Box

The Drop Box is currently only available at our Fort Garry Campus. It is located at the Cashiers' Office at 138 University Centre.

Credit card - available online through your Aurora account

Although you can pay your university fees by credit card, we recommend that you first consider other methods of payment to avoid paying additional charges or convenience fees.

  • A non-refundable convenience fee of 2.5 per cent of the fee payment is added to your payment total.
  • You can only make credit card payments from your Aurora account.
  • Visa and Mastercard are the only cards accepted.
  • Maximum payment is the amount owing on your account.

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Pay from outside Canada

The University of Manitoba has partnered with two organizations – Convera and PayMyTuition – to provide you with simple, fast, cost-effective and transparent options to pay your school-related fees from any bank, in any country and in any currency.

Convera and PayMyTuition are committed to supporting higher education and improving the international student payment experience. We encourage you to review both options to find the best solution for your payment needs.

Pay with Convera

With Convera you can pay your University of Manitoba tuition and fees using your country's currency.

When you pay through Convera five or more business days are required for processing your payment. Please allow sufficient processing time.


Pay with Convera

For more information, contact Convera:
Track Payments or submit inquiries through the Convera website.

  • U.S. and Canada toll-free: 1-877-218-8829
  • Canada local: +402-884-3041

If your payment was made more than five business days ago and it is not reflected in your Aurora account, please email Please use your UM email account and include your student number.

Pay with PayMyTuition

Paying your tuition with PayMyTuition is safe, fast, and convenient. PayMyTuition offers a best rate guarantee, where they promise to beat any bank or competitor’s exchange rate.

When you pay through PayMyTuition, five or more business days are required for processing your payment. Please allow sufficient processing time.

Pay with PayMyTuition

For more information, contact PayMyTuition:

U.S. and Canada toll-free: 1-855-663-6839
U.S. local: + 201-209-1939
Canada local: + 905-305-9053


If your payment was made more than five business days ago and it is not reflected in your Aurora account, please email Please use your UM email account and include your student number.

Other payment options from outside Canada

If your country or territory is not listed with Convera or PayMyTuition, please email to discuss if alternate payment options are available, stating your student number and the country that the funds are being transferred from.

Additional fees may be charged for these alternate options.

Prepay your tuition

To find out if you are required to pay tuition fees and living expenses in advance, please contact your local Canadian visa office for more information.

Find visa offices outside Canada.

  • If you are required to pay tuition and living expenses before your arrival at the University of Manitoba, the money we receive from you will be held pending your arrival in Canada and your registration in classes.
  • After course registration has closed and fees are finalized for the term, you can request a one-time refund not to exceed $10,000, depending on the funds remaining available in your student account.
  • In the event you do not come to the University of Manitoba, the deposit, minus any non-refundable fees and charges, will be refunded through Convera or PayMyTuition.
    • To receive the refund, you must send us a copy of the letter from the embassy indicating that your study permit application was denied or withdrawn. Email the letter and your request to

Receipts for international students

If your online bank statement is not sufficient proof for a receipt of your tuition and fees, you can request one by emailing

If you require a receipt for tax purposes, please note that this information is included in the T2202A tax form available to students in February each year.

We send the receipt to the email account referenced in your Aurora account. We can also send you an original receipt by mail upon request.

Receipt requests will not be processed for funds in transit.

Tuition funds vs. funds for living expenses 

Money sent to the university will be used only to pay tuition and other student fees. This policy protects students, the funder and the university. It also complies with Canada’s anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations. Exceptions to this will occur only for the first year of studies. Any overpayments in your university student account will be applied to your future term balances.

Funds that you will use for personal and living expenses should not be sent to the university; they must be sent to your personal bank account. For instructions on opening a Canadian bank account, please visit Money matters.

Sponsored students

A sponsored student is a student whose tuition and fees are paid for by a third-party organization such as First Nations, employers or government agencies.

The University of Manitoba will issue an invoice to the sponsor on behalf of a student who is sponsored by an outside agency as a service to students and sponsors. Acceptance of third-party agreements is at the discretion of the University of Manitoba.

To be eligible for third-party billing, sponsoring agencies and students must review their obligations and procedures below and submit a sponsorship form before the end of the Revision Period for the term.

How to confirm you have a sponsor

Sponsored students should first verify that the application form was submitted by their sponsoring agency. To do this, log in to your fee account in Aurora and select the “View sponsorship” link at the bottom of the page.

If there is no indication that you have a sponsor, you must pay the full outstanding balance yourself and request reimbursement from your sponsoring agency.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Student obligations and procedures

The sole and final responsibility for payment of the account lies directly with you, the student. If a sponsor fails to remit the sponsorship application or payment of fees, you will be subject to the University of Manitoba’s standard collection proceedings, which includes but is not limited to:

  • account holds, denied access to administrative and academic services
  • late payment charges
  • deregistration from future terms

Application fees are the responsibility of you, the student, and will not be invoiced to a sponsor.

You must not delay payment of fees in anticipation of third-party sponsorships. Any late payment fees that accrue prior to the authorization of a sponsorship arrangement will not be reversed. While sponsors do not typically cover late payment penalties, if they are a result of the sponsor sending in a late application, the charges will not be reversed.

If a sponsor requires proof of enrolment, you can obtain this for them by visiting Enrolment verification.

You will still receive general notifications through Aurora Student or your UM email accounts regarding general university payment deadlines.

If you have prepaid your account, received a government student loan or a scholarship/bursary and the sponsor payment results in a credit balance, you may request a refund payment. For instructions, read "How to request a refund payment" under Refunds.

You are responsible for providing additional information such as grades or attendance to the sponsor if the sponsor requires the information.

You are responsible for opting out of UMSU Health and Dental Coverage if you already have alternate coverage. Learn more on the UMSU Health and Dental page.

The transfer of funds from an RESP to the university is not considered a form of sponsorship.

You are responsible for paying the charges for documents required by a sponsor and these will not be invoiced to a sponsor.

Sponsoring agency obligations and procedures

The sponsoring agency must complete the Sponsorship Authorization form and submit it before the start of the first sponsored term in each academic year.

  • The completed form authorizes the University of Manitoba to invoice the agency for tuition and fees for the student(s) listed in the request.
  • If there are any changes to the sponsor information, authorized coverage or addition of new sponsored students during the year, a new form must be submitted prior to the start of the term.
  • Please identify the terms being covered by placing a check mark in the applicable boxes.

Payment must be made upon receipt of the invoice. If payment is not received, late payment penalties, per student, will be added to the next term’s billing.

If payment is not received within 30 days of billing, a hold will be placed on the sponsored student’s account that prevents further registration, release of grades or transcripts and other administrative and academic services.

If payment is not received within 90 days of billing, sponsorships for future terms will not be accepted until the account is paid in full and a deposit for future terms is received.

Any restrictions or contingencies on the authorization are not allowed. For example, if the sponsor requires proof of attendance, grades, transcripts or notification of class withdrawals before paying, the university will not authorize the third-party billing. In such cases the student is responsible for paying their fees and should request reimbursement from the sponsoring agency.

Transcripts must be obtained from the Registrar’s Office only. Find more information at Transcripts.

Find information on cost estimates and fees at Undergraduate tuition and fees.

Class attendance at the university level is not mandatory and is therefore not recorded. When a sponsor does require this information, arrangements must be made in advance and it is the student’s responsibility to have their instructors complete any required forms.

BookStore sponsored student accounts

If books and supplies are included, the sponsor must also submit the sponsorship form directly to the UM BookStore.

Find more information on sponsored students at Sponsored student accounts.

International graduate students

International graduate students employed by the University of Manitoba can apply to pay their program tuition fees and qualifying fees through an Installment Plan (IP). The students can make three payments per term through the IP. (Note: continuing fee is not eligible for IP.)

Apply for an installment plan

To be considered for an installment plan, please complete the ‘Tuition Installment Plan Application’ and follow the instructions for submitting the completed application form to Revenue, General and Student Accounting (RGSA). Application is required for each term.


A non-refundable fee of $50 will be assessed with each approved application.

Installment plan approval

If you qualify for an installment plan (IP), you will receive an email confirmation for IP approval from Revenue, General and Student Accounting.

Email confirmation will be sent around the following dates:

  • Fall Term: September 15
  • Winter Term: January 15
  • Summer term: May 15


Note: Students who fail to follow the payment schedule in their current Installment Plan (IP) will not be approved to enroll in an IP for the future term.


To receive a refund of fees, you must withdraw from courses before the deadline. If you have not withdrawn by the deadline, you must pay your tuition fees regardless of attendance.

Key things to know about refund payments

You may be eligible for a refund payment when all of your fees and charges owing to the University of Manitoba are paid and you have a credit balance on your “Account Summary by Term” in your Aurora account.

A credit balance is identified by a dash (-) before the dollar sign on the Account Balance.

You will not receive a refund payment automatically. You have the option to:

  • request a refund payment, or
  • leave the credit balance on your account for a future term, at which point they will be applied against new charges.

Important considerations

Review the following list to help determine if you are eligible for a refund payment and to consider other important factors. The list contains frequently asked questions and situations but does not encompass all criteria or situations and is subject to change without notice.

  • Extended Education and English Language Centre students must contact their faculty or department to request a refund payment.
  • Refund amounts will only be approved when it is determined that a third-party funder, such as an approved sponsor, scholarship or student loan provider has no claim on the credit balance.
  • Students who have a credit balance on their fee account but also have outstanding fines or loans, such as parking, library, or an emergency loan, for example, will have the amount of the fine or loan deducted from their fee account prior to authorizing a refund payment.
  • Credit on account resulting from payments made by cheque have a 15-business day hold to ensure the cheque clears before a refund payment can be issued.
  • Depending on the source of the credit on your account and/or if you do not have an active University of Manitoba email account, certain methods may not be available.

Additional restrictions on overpayments made from outside Canada

Please refer to Prepay your tuition under Pay from outside Canada.

Fees eligible for refund

Learn how refunds are calculated and which fees are not refunded when you withdraw from your program.

How to request a refund payment

Complete the online Refund Request form available through your Aurora account. Go to:

  • Enrolment & Academic Records
  • Student Records
  • View Account Summary by Term
  • Request a Refund (located at the bottom of the page)

On the form, you will answer three questions to determine which university department will review your request, how you would like the refund paid out and the value of the requested refund.

After we review and verify your refund payment request, it will take an average of 10-15 days to process your refund payment, and longer during peak periods.

We begin reviewing refund requests after the Registration Revision Period has ended for the term. We review refund requests in the order received.

You will see a refund amount on your Account Summary by Term in Aurora, if approved, followed by your payment or payment notification by email to your university email account within a few days.

Refunds from other sources

Funds received from sources such as provincial or federal loans, scholarships or bursaries administered by the UM Financial Aid and Awards Office require review by Financial Aid and Awards to determine whether they are eligible for a refund.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the criteria for refunds resulting from these funding sources, please contact Financial Aid and Awards at

Payment of approved refunds

Refunds will be paid to you either by e-transfer, cheque or other means, as described here.

Refund by e-transfer

We can pay your refund by e-transfer if you have a Canadian bank account. This is the fastest method of delivery available.

If your request is approved and you have selected “e-transfer” as a payment option, you will receive two emails to your University of Manitoba email account from the University of Manitoba:

  • The first email is an informational email about the process.
  • The second email with the e-transfer funds prompts you to log into your bank account and answer the security question before selecting an account to deposit the funds to.

Refund by cheque

We can pay your refund by cheque if you have a Canadian bank account.

If your request is approved and you have selected “cheque” as a payment option, a cheque will be mailed to the address listed on your Aurora account. Ensure the address on the account is your current mailing address.

Refund due to overpayments from outside Canada

The method of payment for refunds resulting from overpayments from sources outside Canada will depend on the original transfer method.

Funds will be returned through the original payment method used (e.g., Convera or PayMyTuition).

Contact us

If you have questions regarding refund payment requests and processing, please contact

What if I don't pay on time?

Fee payment deadlines are the last day to pay your fees without penalty. Each term, this deadline falls after the posted last date to drop without penalty.

Learn about the escalating penalties and consequences for not paying your tuition and fees by the deadline.

Students are financially responsible for all courses remaining after the posted drop date.

1. Late fees

After the published fee payment deadline, student accounts with an outstanding balance for the term will be assessed the following late fees.

Appealing late fees

Not being aware of regulation and deadline dates and similar published information are not grounds for an appeal. You can appeal a late fee by completing and submitting an Appeal for waiver of penalties form.

Complete the form and email it to

Please note: If you make your tuition fee payment very close to the fee payment deadline via web-banking or any other payment method that requires time for validation/processing then please allow at least five business days for the Aurora Student Account to reflect the updated balance as there is often a delay for the payment to reach University of Manitoba from your financial Institution and the University requires time to verify the date on which the payment was sent. Any late fees applied to Aurora student Account are reversed once it is confirmed that the payment was sent to University of Manitoba prior to the Tuition Fee Payment deadline. Please feel free to contact the Cashier’s office for any additional information after allowing reasonable time for your payment to go through and get posted on your Aurora Student Account.

Fall and Winter Term late fees

First late fee, applied on the day following the posted fee deadline:

  • $50

Second late fee, applied on the first of the month following the posted fee deadline:

  • $50 on balances between $500 and $1000
  • $100 on balances over $1000

Summer Term late fees

Late fee, applied on the day following the posted fee deadlines:

  • $50

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