ID Centre locations and hours

About ID Cards

The Student ID card is issued when you first attend UM and is permanent throughout your stay here.

  • The UM Student ID card is your library card.
  • It works as Photo ID for on campus services.
  • You'll be asked to show it during examinations.
  • They'll ask for it when you pay for or use the athletic facility.
  • You need it to purchase a food service meal plan.
  • You'll need it to validate your Winnipeg Transit U-Pass or your Post-Secondary Student Peggo Card.
  • You'll need to use it as a swipe card on certain doors.

Student ID Cards

Whether it is your first Student ID card or a replacement card, please see below for information about obtaining your ID card.

  • Get your Card at the ID Centre

    You will be required to join an online queue to check in, before getting your ID card. We will take your photo, record your signature, and have your card ready within a few minutes. Please be sure to bring a copy of your government-issued photo ID.

    Step 1: Check into the queue
    1. You do not need to stand in a physical line, but instead, need to check in online to get a spot in the queue. You will receive messages by text when it is your turn to come to the Registrar's Office.
    Step 2: Just before it's your turn
    1. Please come to the office after you have received a notification to do so.
    2. Ensure that you bring the following with you:
      • Your Government-issued Photo ID.
      • A copy of your Study Permit (if applicable).
      • Your old ID card (replacement cards only).
      • Payment method (Visa, Mastercard) (replacement cards only).
    Step 3: when it's your turn
    1. when you arrive, please have your documents and student number ready.
    2. We will:
      • Confirm your eligibility and Identity.
      • Take a photo of yourself for, use on your card.
      • Record your signature for the card.
    3. Once this is complete, we will have your ID card ready in a few minutes!

Staff ID Cards

Staff can visit the Registrar’s Office for same-day service, or order a new or replacement ID card online.

Information on Staff ID cards can now be found on the UM Intranet. If you are retired or seeking information on special staff ID cards, please contact the Registrar's Office.

To learn more, please visit the Staff ID SharePoint site.

  • In-person ID service

    For same-day service, visit the Registrar's Office. Join the online queue, and when it is your turn, we will take your photo, record your signature, and have your card ready within a few minutes. Please be sure to bring a copy of your government-issued photo ID.

    Join the Queue
  • Online Orders

    Staff can also request their ID cards online. Online requests take longer, as we need to produce and deliver your card. If you need your ID Card as soon as possible, please come in person. Staff are encouraged to get their ID Cards in person.

Printing, scanning and photocopy services

UM Libraries offers access to printing and scanning in all locations, and access to photocopying in three locations.

Detailed information on these services can be found on the UM Libraries website.

ID card and meal plans

Many UM students and staff have meal plans. You can swipe your ID card to make food purchases on campus. More information on meal plans can be found on the Dining Services website.

Meal plans for replacement ID cards will be automatically loaded. New residence students will get their meal plan when they check into Residence.