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Save the Date Fall international student Orientation will be August 28, followed my UM orientation later that week. Save the date and check back for more details!

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Pre-arrival information

Start with pre-arrival information to learn what you need to know before you arrive in Canada.

Review International Student Resource Page

Review the information on our Student Resource page, for everything you need to know to get set up and settled in Winnipeg, including housing, setting up a bank account, budgeting, avoiding scams, transportation, where to buy winter clothes, where to shop and more!

UM Essentials Online Orientation (undergraduate students)

All first year undergraduate students must complete UM Essentials.  The course opens April 17.

It is expected to complete UMEssentials before attending Orientation programming.
 You will receive an email to your @myumanitoba.ca email when you have been enrolled in the course. We do enrollments once a week, after you have accepted your offer.
Learn more about UM Essentials
To access the course, log in to UM Learn using your UM Email. 

#UMGradGoals (for graduate students)

Graduate students can plan your success with #UMGradGoals. 

UMEssentials is not available for Graduate students

International Student Orientation

To help you prepare to start your studies, we have designed International Student Orientation and Welcome sessions specifically for international students. We offer sessions several times per year.

To register, you need to sign up with your University of Manitoba @myumanitoba.ca email account.

International Student Welcome Session - May 30

Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 544 UMSU University Centre

9:45 am – Sign in

10 am – Session starts

3:00 pm – Session ends

Lunch will be provided and prizes draws!



  • Meet other students from around the world
  • Learn about Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba (UM), including how to access medical care and how to use your health plan.
  • Learn about Canadian culture and cultural differences both in and out of the classroom setting
  • Understand UM’s expectations for completing academic work and completing your studies with integrity
  • Get to know our beautiful campus and the facilities available to you
  • Have fun!


Register now!

Registration is required. Registration closes May 24, 2023.

Welcome Sessions

These sessions will help you be informed, healthy, and successful as you transition to the University of Manitoba.

Check back our listing of upcoming workshops for the Fall term!

Past Session Recordings

Please select the topics below to access recordings of past virtual workshops.

Indigenous History and Reconciliation in Canada

How does reconciliation relate to me? Learn about the Indigenous history in Canada and reconciliation in the Canadian context.

View the recording


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Before you arrive in Canada

Here is a list of some important things to consider before you arrive in Canada:

  • As an international student at the University of Manitoba, you will be a part of our mandatory health coverage plan with our local provider, Blue Cross and Student Care. Newly enrolled international students have emergency-only coverage for one month before their first term at the University of Manitoba.
    • Review the Manitoba International Student Health Plan (MISHP) coverage and effective dates. 
    • For this reason, it is always smart to purchase travel insurance before leaving your home country, to ensure that you have medical coverage from the date you leave your home country until after you have arrived in Manitoba. 
    • Confirm with the insurance provider if your coverage will include any medical costs related to COVID-19. Not all insurance providers cover these costs.
    • It is important to know that your student health coverage will not be effective elsewhere in Canada, and cannot be used until you first arrive in Manitoba.  
  • Review Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for important information to consider before making a final decision to leave your home country. 
  • Make a photocopy of or scan your airline tickets and important documents in case the originals are lost or stolen. Keep the photocopies in a safe place, but not in the same place that you keep the originals (for example, save photos in your email account).
  • Keep emergency phone numbers with you at all times. The following phone numbers are recommended: 
    • your country's embassy, consulate or high commission located in each country through which you travel 
    • Security Services at the UM (204-474-9341, collect) 
  • Confirm the baggage restrictions for each airline you will use.
  • Confirm the time that you should arrive at the airport and ensure to arrive in plenty of time to check in. Many international flights require passengers to arrive two to three hours before the scheduled departure time. 
  • Pack your own baggage and never leave your bags unattended. 
  • Label all luggage clearly. Try to use luggage tags with flaps to hide your name and deter theft. 
  • Keep a small amount of local currency so you can pay departure taxes and purchase snacks during stop-overs. Contact the airline(s) or your travel agency in advance to find out how much the airport tax will be and how you can pay it at each airport you will use. 
  • Carry a credit card or small amount of Canadian dollars so you can pay for a taxi, if necessary, upon your arrival in Winnipeg. 
  • Make sure you have all of your important documents in your carry-on bag (NOT your checked luggage, in case it gets lost or you require them after you have checked your luggage). Examples include:
  • If you will arrive in Canada between October and April, bring an appropriate jacket to wear upon arrival. Learn more about preparing for winter on our resource page.

Undergraduate Student Checklist

  • Make sure that you review the important dates and deadlines page to know when you can view the course calendar, when you can find out your registration access time and when registration opens
  • Claim your University of Manitoba UM Net ID in signUM
  • Activate your U of M email account
  • Review our Immigration information to help you understand your responsibilities as an international student before you arrive
  • Familiarize yourself with UMLearn
    • Self-enroll in Sexual Violence Awareness course in UMLearn (found under Self-Registration tab on the UMLearn home page)
  • Complete your UM Essentials online training (log in to UM Learn using your UMnetID) before attending one of our Welcome Sessions (you are automatically enrolled).
  • To start preparing for university, check out the First Year Planning Guide. This online document has essential information on how to select and register for your courses, and it’s your best resource for planning your first year.
    • Email to an Academic Advisor in your Faculty if you have questions about course selection and registering for courses
  • Request your Photo Identification (ID) card if you are in Canada
  • For current access to library materials or research support from one of our library staff, visit the Libraries page for updates
  • Order your textbooks from the UM BookStore
  • Review information on International student health coverage 
  • Download your FREE copy of Office 365, with the newest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote

Graduate Student Checklist

Prepare for Graduate Studies as an international student with this checklist.

Download the UM mobile app to take advantage of the checklist for new international students.

Additional orientation resources

Volunteer with the International Centre Orientation & Welcome Events! Volunteer Opportunity

Help new international students get familiarized with their new country and university!

Contact us

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International Transitions Coordinator
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