Admissions requirements

  • Honours or four-year bachelor's degree
  • Official letter of permission from home institution
  • Application fee: $100 Canadian (non-refundable)

All applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

An acceptable English Language Proficiency test score is required, if applicable.

International visiting students

If you are seeking admission to the University of Manitoba on an exchange program, please contact the International Centre for Students (ICS) directly as you must first apply through ICS.

Western Canada university visiting students

If you are attending university in Western Canada, you may qualify for the Western Deans' Agreement (WDA), which provides an automatic tuition fee waiver for visiting students.

If you qualify for the WDA, please fill out the WDA agreement form found on the WDA website and contact the UM Faculty of Graduate Studies office directly. 

Application Deadlines

Canadian / US / International Applicants
Term Start Date Deadline*  
Fall 2021 September June 1, 2021 Apply
Winter 2022 January October 1, 2021 Apply
Summer 2022 May/July February 1, 2022 Application not open yet