Direct entry applicants

If you are currently a high school student, or you have already graduated from high school but have completed fewer than 24 credit hours of post-secondary level study, you are eligible to take the direct entry route into a faculty or program.

Admission requirements for high school students studying in Canada

Manitoba students

  1. You must be a graduate of a Manitoba high school – which means you have five full credits at the Grade 12 level in courses designated S, G, U or C
  2. You must meet the direct entry admission requirements of your program of study (or equivalent).

Direct Entry Admission Requirements (PDF)

Students studying outside of Manitoba

If you are a student studying in Canada in a province other than Manitoba, consult the provincial course equivalencies of the Manitoba high school courses and prerequisites that are required for admission.

Provincial Curriculum Equivalencies (PDF)

Admissions requirements for international high school students

If you are an international student applying from high school, with no previous post-secondary experience, you must meet these criteria:

  1. Demonstrate English language proficiency.
  2. Meet the general entrance requirement based on your country or curriculum of study. Information on each country and for the Common International Curricula, which includes the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the British patterned Education (GCE) requirements, can be found on the International admission requirements page. 
  3. Meet program-specific requirements based on your program(s) of choice.

You can also contact our Undergraduate Admissions at for further details.

Advanced entry applicants

You can apply to an advanced entry program if you have completed more than 24 credit hours of post-secondary level study and have completed the necessary university prerequisites. This applies to transfer students and students pursuing a second degree.

Admission requirements for advanced entry applicants vary depending on your selected program. Refer to the Applicant Information Bulletin for your program of interest for detailed information regarding admission requirements.

If you have completed courses at another recognized post-secondary institution or have completed courses in another faculty, school or college at the University of Manitoba, you may qualify as a transfer student. You also may be eligible for transfer credit for your prior post-secondary coursework.

Applicants will be considered for admission on their post-secondary grades; however, you are encouraged to provide your secondary/high school transcripts, and transcripts may still be needed for courses requiring prerequisites.

Students are usually not able to register concurrently at two institutions. Students who want to take courses towards a degree program at another institution should apply as a visiting student with a Letter of Permission.

Other student applicant types

For the purposes of admission to the University of Manitoba, there are a number of other applicant types in addition to those described above.

Returning, re-admission or continuing students

Any student who meets the following criteria must re-apply to the University of Manitoba:

  • Students who were admitted and did not follow through with registration
  • Former students who have attended other institutions since their last registration other than on a letter of permission
  • Students in programs who have exceeded the time period allowed for non-attendance

Continuing students

Students who are currently in University 1 or General Studies can apply directly to their program of choice after they have completed 24 – 30 credit hours and the appropriate prerequisites.
The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science do not require an application from University 1, but students must meet specific entrance conditions prior to being able to transit to either faculty.

Students transferring faculties

Students transferring to another faculty or school at the University of Manitoba are required to submit a new application.

Mature students

It's never too late to go back to school! We offer the programs and supports to help you succeed.


Mature student status refers only to students who do not meet their high school or transfer student requirements. You can apply as a mature student if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You do not meet the regular academic requirements for the applicable program
  • You are at least 21 years of age
  • You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • You have never previously attended university or college OR have completed fewer than 24 credit hours (four full courses)

Program choices

As a mature student, you may apply to any one of the following direct entry program options:

Engineering mature student applicants still require a minimum of 70% in Grade 12 English, chemistry, physics, and mathematics and a minimum average of 80% over these subjects. Please check your province's high school requirements for Engineering for a list of the specific required courses from your province.

If you are interested in one of our advanced entry program options, please apply to University 1 to complete the required first year courses.

    Visiting students

    Many students choose to take classes from the University of Manitoba to supplement their studies at another institution.

    Programs available

    Most visiting students register for courses by enrolling in General Studies (Extended Education).

    How to apply and required documents

    New students: You must submit a letter of permission from your home institution to the Admissions Office that lists the specific University of Manitoba courses that you have been approved to take at our institution. If you were born outside of Canada and are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you must also provide immigration documents.

    Returning visiting students: You do not need to re-apply to the University of Manitoba if you have previously been admitted to a faculty or program as a visiting student at our institution. You must forward a current letter of permission from your home institution to your previous faculty or program or to the UM Admissions office.

    If you are attending a different institution since your last attendance at the University of Manitoba, you must re-apply to us. 

    Auditing students

    Entering our university as an auditing student allows you to complete courses for personal interest with no examinations or assignments.

    You do not receive credits for these courses. If you later decide to take courses for credit, you must re-apply for admission.

    How to apply

    Auditing students apply to General Studies (Extended Education)

    Course fees

    When you register to audit a course, you are charged one-half of the regular credit course fees.

    Special students

    You apply to the university as a special student if you wish to enroll in degree credit courses but you are not interested in pursuing a degree. The courses you complete may subsequently be accepted as credit towards a degree, diploma or certificate at the discretion of the program dean or director.

    How to apply

    The majority of students applying as a special students apply to the General Studies (Extended Education) program. Please see the Applicant information bulletin for details.  

    Other faculties that may consider special students include the following: 

    Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences
    Applicants must be returning students who have graduated from the faculty.

    Agriculture Diploma
    Applicants must obtain faculty permission.

    Fine Arts
    Applicants must obtain faculty permission.

    Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
    Applicants must have previously completed a degree.

    Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation Management
    Applicants must be returning students who have graduated from the faculty.

    Faculty of Science
    Applicants must have previously completed a degree.

    For all other UM faculties and programs not listed here, you must obtain permission from the dean's office of the specific faculty or program to take courses as a special student.

    Senior students

    You pay no application or tuition fees at the University of Manitoba if you are 65 years of age or older and are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This fee waiver includes course, student union, and associated fees. You are still responsible for your book and supply costs.

    To be eligible as a senior student, you must be 65 years of age by September 1 for courses you take in the Fall Term, by May 1 for courses in the Summer Term and by January 1 for courses in the Winter Term.

    You may have to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residence status and demonstration of proficiency in the use of the English language if you are an applicant born outside of Canada.

    How to apply

    As a senior student, you still must submit an application form and meet entrance requirements for your selected course, even though your fees are waived. Please refer to the program requirements for your desired program for more information.

    As senior student, you have the following options for applying:

    • If you wish to gain credit for all your courses and pursue a degree program you will apply to the degree program of your choice. Consult the Applicant Information Bulletin for your chosen degree program for the full admission requirements.
    • If you would like to take a few courses for credit but not obtain a degree, apply as a Special student. You will be graded and will be required to complete exams and assignments.
    • If you would like to take courses only for personal interest and not for credit—no exams or assignments, apply as an Auditing student.

    Required documents

    • Proof of age
    • Other documentation as required, depending on your academic goals

    Military members and dependents

    The University of Manitoba is one of the few universities in Canada that grants degree credit for military courses and training. The Military Support Office (MSO) serves the educational needs of the Canadian Regular and Reserve Forces, retired members, civilian employees of the Department of National Defence (DND) and their dependents who are attending or planning to attend the University of Manitoba. It’s your one-stop-shop for credit assessment, degree program planning and advising, and administrative support for your unique situation and concerns.

    Programs available

    • Bachelor of Arts - Integrated Studies BAIS
    • Bachelor of Arts (General) degree programs
    • Bachelor of Science (Psychology only) degree program

    Find a complete list on the Military Support Office page.

    How to apply and required documents

    Obtain Military Transfer Credits: Military members may be eligible for transfer credit on the basis of select military courses and training. With the Military Transfer Credit Database you can determine credit for which you may be eligible.

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    Discuss you degree program options: Connect with an Academic Advisor to discuss your options and make a plan.

    Apply for admission: Application deadlines are normally three months prior to the start of term. Admission is offered three times per year: Fall, Winter and Spring.

    Program Options for Distance Learning

    • The Faculty of Arts
    • The Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources — BA Geography
    • University 1 or General Studies if undecided

    Offers of admission are sent by email and must be formally accepted.

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