Application deadline

March 1, 2024

Section 1: General Statement

This information is available with, and constitutes part of, the application. It is assumed that all applicants have read and understood it prior to submitting the completed application.

Programs offered

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

Section 2: Eligibility Requirements

The University of Manitoba will require graded coursework to fulfill all admission requirements as outlined on this page. Pass grades will not be considered for meeting any of these requirements unless otherwise stated.

A. Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for consideration for admission to the Faculty of Social Work Northern Access Site, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Are at least 21 years old by the application deadline.
  2. Are a resident of Northern Manitoba. Northern Manitoba is defined as north of the 53rd parallel. Applicants will be required to provide proof of address. Review a map of Northern Manitoba (PDF)
  3. Have less than or up to 27 credit hours of university level course work and are in good academic standing.
  4. Have participated in a reading and writing comprehension test. (This assessment consists of vocabulary and reading comprehension sections of CAAT-C through the Assessment Center at the YWCA).
  5. Demonstrate suitability for the Social Work profession based on the assessment of an autobiography and an interview that indicates:
    1. Northern experience
    2. Interest in the profession
    3. Volunteer or lived experience related to the practice of Social Work
    4. Being active in community

All applicants are advised that this is a competitive program with limited spaces and that applicants meeting minimum eligibility requirements cannot be assured admission.

B. English Language Proficiency Requirements

All applicants whose primary language is not English and do not qualify for a waiver under the University of Manitoba’s English language proficiency regulations will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English.

Additional information regarding specific proficiency requirements, waiver information, and test options can be found on the English language proficiency requirements page.

Results for most language tests, including TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo, expire two years from the test date. Test scores must be valid at the start of classes. Please confirm the validity of your test results.

Section 3: Application Process & Deadlines

A. Deadlines and Important Dates

Northern Access deadlines

Date Deadlines and important dates
March 1, 2024

Last date for receipt of application.

Deadline for submission of transcripts (including university, high school, Adult Basic Ed., G.E.D.).

Deadline for submission of two reference letters.

March 1, 2024

Deadline for autobiographical sketch.

Deadline for submission of proof of age and proof of residency.

July 15, 2024 Last date to submit proof of English proficiency (if required).
July 15, 2024 Last date to submit proof of Canadian Citizenship/Permanent Resident Status (if required).
Mid-April Interviews will be held.
May 31, 2024 Applicants are notified of the Selection Committee’s decision.
June 15, 2024 Successful applicants will need to complete on-line application and pay the application fee in order to officially accept the offer of admission.

B. Required Application Documentation

The following documents will be required to complete your application:


Transcript(s) for all studies including university, college, High School, Adult Basic Ed., and G.E.D.

Two letters of reference

One from a place of paid or voluntary work, or a current supervisor and the other from a person outside immediate family.


No more than 750 words outlining Northern experience, interest in the profession, volunteer or lived experience as it relates to the practice of Social Work and your engagement with the community.

Proof of age

Proof of Age. (i.e. photocopy of driver’s license or Manitoba Health Card.)

Proof of residency

Proof of Residency. (i.e. photocopy of driver’s license or Manitoba Health Card.)

Proof of Canadian citizenship, Permanent Residence or Refugee status

Proof of Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Residence or Refugee Status is required if born outside Canada.

Name change documentation

Name change documentation is required if name change has occurred as a result of marriage, divorce or other reason.

Proof of English proficiency

Proof of proficiency in the use of the English language (see Section 2: Eligibility Requirements, B. English Language Proficiency Requirements).

Please send all application documentation to the following address:

University of Manitoba - Northern Social Work Program
Attn:  Student Records
3 Station Road
Thompson, MB R8N 0N3

C. Required Admission Documentation

All BSW applicants offered admission are required to:

  • Provide a completed Criminal Record (CR) check obtained through the local police service. (May not be older than three months prior to the date of offer).
  • Provide a completed Child Abuse Registry (CAR) (for residents of Manitoba) or a Vulnerable Sector check (for residents of provinces where there is no Child Abuse Registry). (May not be older than three months prior to the date of offer).

A positive response on the CR check, the CAR or Vulnerable Sector check, or the declaration regarding pervious criminal convictions, does not necessarily eliminate applicants; however, it shall require that the applicant participate in a personal interview with the Director. The Faculty reserves the right, based on it’s findings, to declare an applicant ineligible for admission.

Section 4: Selection Process

A. Selection

Applicants who are determined as meeting the eligibility criteria (see Section 2: Eligibility Requirements) are compiled and applicants are selected.

The selection process in the Northern Access Social Work Program site involves taking a complete view of each applicant’s circumstances. All student requirements are considered including academic, financial, and personal needs. The Northern Access Social Work Program was created to correct barriers to education by social, geographical, and economic disparities.

The program gives special consideration to those who self-declared as belonging to traditionally disadvantaged groups including Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Status, Non-Status, Inuit, Metis), persons with low-income, persons with accessibility needs, 2SLGBTQIA+ persons, immigrants and refugees to Canada, and persons who because of their race of color, are a racialized minority in Canada.

In mid-May all completed applications of the Access program are screened by a committee. Applicants who have been recommended by the committee are invited to the Thompson site for interviews.

Each applicant is interviewed by a panel that consists of faculty members, a current student, and a community representative. The panel uses a screening tool to evaluate each applicant. The panel recommends those most suited for the program to the Director.

B. Notification of Decision

Successful applicants are notified of Selection Committee’s decision by the date indicated in Section 3: Application Process & Deadlines, A. Deadlines and Important Dates.

To proceed with admission, all newly admitted students must complete a University of Manitoba online application. Once the offer of admission has been granted by the faculty, the application link will be given to the student. The student must submit and pay for the application by the deadline date. Students are typically given a deadline of two weeks from the offer date. Final official decisions from the University of Manitoba will be posted to the applicant’s portal. Applicants must log into their application portal to view the decision and to accept or decline their offer. If the offer is not accepted by the deadline date indicated in the letter, the offer will lapse. Lapsed offers will be considered a declined response. It is imperative that email accounts remain current and that emails and application portals are regularly checked.

Section 5: Reconsiderations & Appeals

Individuals who wish to have their applications reconsidered should submit their request in writing to the Chair of the Selection Committee. Past experience has shown that most inquiries can be satisfied at this level without further reference. Persons wishing reconsideration of the decision of the Selection Committee shall direct their request to the Chair within ten (10) business days of the posted decision date (see Section 8: Contact Information).

Should the student wish to pursue the reconsideration decision further, such an appeal will be made in accordance with the Senate Committee on Admission Appeals Procedures.

Applicants are advised that appeals of reconsideration decisions by the Chair of the Selection Committee and the Senate Admissions Appeal Committee focus on questions of correct adherence to published policies and procedures outlined in this document, and not on subjective issues or the relative merits of the application.

Section 6: Counselling of Applicants

The Faculty of Social Work and Admissions Office are able to assist applicants who seek counselling regarding admission to the Faculty of Social Work.

However, it is policy not to instruct applicants as to a specific course of action they should follow, but rather to provide the information needed for applicants to make their own choice with respect to the alternatives available.

The following points require special attention:

  1. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their plans with all who can usefully advise them, but they should be aware that second and third hand information about admission policies may not be accurate.
  2. No official at the university can guarantee the admission of any applicant. Admission is determined by the Committee on the basis of an annual competition.
  3. All applicants are advised to supplement any personal enquiries with a written request so that an official written response can be made. It is only these written responses which will be considered as evidence of any advice given (see Section 8: Contact Information).

Section 7: Student Accessibility

The University of Manitoba is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities. If you are a student with a diagnosed disability (permanent, chronic, or temporary) who may require academic accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 204-474-7423 or by email at to learn more about the confidential supports that are available.

Section 8: Contact Information

Faculty of Social Work
501 Tier Building
173 Dafoe Rd. W
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6


Northern Social Work Program (NSWP)
3 Station Rd.
Thompson, MB R8N 0N3

Acting Director
Lee Anne Deegan


BSW Student Advisor
Marvic Abarra
3 Station Rd
Thompson, MB R8N 0N3


Katrina Lytle


Office Assistant
Student Support for Admission & Student Records
Christy Watkinson


University of Manitoba Undergraduate Admissions
424 UMSU University Centre
66 Chancellors Circle
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

Admission Officer
Sandra Jezik
Contact the Social Work admissions team


The following other contacts may also be useful.

Student Accessibility Services
520 UMSU University Centre
66 Chancellors Circle
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6 Canada


Student Advocacy Office
Room 520 UMSU University Centre
65 Chancellor's Circle
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada


Section 9: Other Information

The purpose of the NSWP is to carry out the mission and vision of the Faculty of Social Work by providing an accessible BSW degree education in the Northern Manitoba. This Access program is designed for mature students who, without the supports of the program, would be unable to successfully complete a university degree, lack of academic qualifications, geographic and cultural barriers. Students admitted into the Northern Access Social Work Program site are accepted directly into a four year, B.S.W. program.

The BSW program intends to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary for professional preparation for generalist practice in a variety of social work fields. The BSW program is the only program in Manitoba accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education, and graduates are eligible for acceptance into schools of graduate studies.

The BSW degree is accepted as a professional degree by the Manitoba College of Social Workers and by the Canadian Association of Social Workers. Holders of this degree are eligible to apply for membership to these organizations.