Download the Rady Faculty identifier

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences offers a faculty-level identifier for use by its colleges, units, centres and institutes.

The Rady identifier (logo) reflects the new UM brand, aligned with with UM brand guidelines and our institution's visual esthetic. It is important to note that the faculty identifier cannot be modified in any way. This includes adding in a college, department, class, student group, centre, institute, or unit name.


UM logo

Download UM/Rady identifiers

Electronic letterhead

UM offers an electronic letterhead template for use by all units across the university.

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences does not offer a separate letterhead, however you may add your area's URL to the bottom of the template.

Virtual backgrounds

Create a professional look and protect your privacy with branded virtual backgrounds for Zoom or Teams meetings.

PowerPoint templates

A branded PowerPoint template gives a clean and polished look to all your presentations.

Templates are offered in both standard and wide-format styles:

Standard templates work best for creating multi-purpose content that is going to be shown across different platforms and printed as documentation.

Wide format templates are ideal for highly visual content that is only going to be shown on a screen, such as keynote or conference presentations.

The use of these templates and slides is limited to PowerPoint presentations and should not be used as a template for other uses (i.e. posters, signs etc.)

Research poster templates

Templates sized for a wide variety of poster formats.

Download templates

The use of these templates is limited to research posters and should not be used as a template for other uses (i.e. posters, signs etc.)

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Resources for faculty and staff

Information, guidelines, and our most frequently requested internal resources are available on the Rady Faculty intranet site.

Faculty and staff (UMNetID required) can access the follow internal resources on the Rady Faculty intranet site:

  • additional faculty identifier (logo) download options
  • branded apparel and promotional items
  • certificate template 
  • email signature
  • event planning
  • online events calendar
  • Rady weekly events and news email
  • stationery

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