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Upcoming events

  • A student is checking another students blood pressure with a blood pressure cuff.
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day - Bannatyne Campus

    Students are welcome to attend full-day programming to explore the many career and learning opportunities at the University of Manitoba as part of Take Our Kids to Work Day.

    Please note, all programming is optional. Students can job shadow their UM host for the full day and not participate in the scheduled programming. In this case, there is no need to register; simply speak with your supervisor to make arrangements.

    Check back for information on Take Our Kids to Work Day 2024.

Days of significance

To enhance our knowledge and create a shared understanding of our community the following calendar contains cultural, religious, national, and international Days of Significance. This is a living calendar; some dates will change from year to year according to various religious and/or cultural calendars. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

January to April

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January 2024

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month (Canada)

January 1

  • Gantan-sai (Shinto New Year)
  • New Year’s Day (Christian-Gregorian Calendar)

January 4

  • National Ribbon Skirt Day (Canada)
  • World Braille Day (United Nations)

January 7

  • Christmas (Orthodox)

January 13

  • Maghi-Lohri (Hindu, Sikh)

January 14

  • Orthodox New Year (Orthodox)
  • New Year’s Day (Christian-Julian Calendar)

January 15

  • Makar Sankranti (Hindu)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (United States)

January 17

  • Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti (Sikh)

January 18

  • Bodhi Day (Buddhist)

January 21

  • World Religion Day (Baha’i)

January 24

  • Tu B’ Shevat (Jewish) 
  • World Day for African and Afro-descendant Culture (UNESCO)

 January 25

  • Mahayana New Year (Buddhist)

January 27

  • International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust (United Nations)

January 29

  • National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia (Canada)

January 30

  • Sadeh (Zoroastrian)

February 2024

Black History Month

Fist Full Week in February

  • National White Cane Week

February 1

  • World Hijab Day

February 3

  • Setsubun-Sai (Shinto)

February 10

  • Lunar New Year (Confucian/ Daoist/ Buddhist-Lunar Calendar)

February 10-12

  • Losar/ Tibetan New Year (Buddhist)

February 15

  • Nirvana Day (Buddhist)

February 11

  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science (United Nations)

February 13

  • Shrove Tuesday (Christian)

February 14

  • Missing Women’s Memorial March (Canada)
  • Ash Wednesday (Christian)

February 14 to March 28

  • Lenten Season (Christian)

February 15

  • Nirvana Day (Buddhist)

February 19

  • Louis Riel Day (Manitoba)

February 20

  • World Day of Social Justice (United Nations)

February 24

  • Magha Puja (Buddhist)
  • Lantern Festival (Lunar Calendar)

February 24 to March 1

  • Black Women’s History Week (United States)

February 26-29

  • Intercalary Days/ Ayyam-i-ha (Baha’i)

February 28

  • Pink Shirt Day/ Anti-Bullying Day (Canada)

February 29

  • Nineteen-Day Fast (Baha’i)

March 2024

Women’s History Month (United States, United Kingdom, and Australia)

March 1

  • International Wheelchair Day

March 1-19

  • Ala - Baha'i Fast (Baha’i)

March 3

  • International Sex Workers’ Rights Day

March 8

  • International Women’s Day (United Nations)
  • Maha Shivaratri (Hindu)

March 10 to April 9

  • Ramadan (Islam)

March 14

  • Sikh New Year

March 15

  • International Day to Combat Islamophobia (United Nations)
  • Shri Ramakrishna Jayanti (Hindu)

March 17

  • St. Patrick’s Day (Christian)

March 18 to May 4

  • Great Lent (Orthodox)

March 19

  • Naw Ruz (Baha’i)
  • Spring Equinox

March 21

  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (United Nations)
  • Nowruz (Islam, Zoroastrian)
  • World Down Syndrome Day (United Nations)

March 22

  • World Water Day (United Nations)

March 23

  • Purim (Jewish)

March 24

  • Palm Sunday (Christian/ Orthodox)

March 25

  • Hola Mohalla (Sikh)
  • Holi (Hindu)
  • International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (United Nations)

March 29

  • Good Friday (Christian)

March 31

  • Easter Sunday (Christian)
  • International Trans Day of Visibility 
  • National Indigenous Languages Day (Canada)

April 2024

Sikh Heritage Month/ Sexual Assault Awareness Month/ Deaf History Month

April 1

  • Easter Monday (Christian)

April 2

  • World Autism Awareness Day (United Nations)

April 4

  • Refugee Rights Day (Canada)

April 6 

  • International Asexuality Day

April 7

  • World Health Day (United Nations)

April 10

  • Eid al-Fitr (Islam)
  • International Day of Pink (Anti-Bullying and Anti-Homophobia/Transphobia)

April 13

  • Vaisakhi (Hindu/Sikh)

April 17

  • Yom HaShoah/ Holocaust Memorial Day (Judaism)

April 20

  • Festival of Ridvan begins (Baha’i)

April 21

  • Mahavira-Jayanti (Jain)

April 22

  • Earth Day

April 22-30

  • Pesach/Passover (Jewish)

April 24-26 

  • Theravada New Year (Buddhist)

April 25-27

  • Gathering of Nations Pow Wow (United States)

April 30

  • Journey to Freedom Day (Canada)

May to August

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May 2024

Asian Heritage Month/ Jewish Heritage Month/ Vision Health Month

May 3

  • Good Friday (Orthodox)

May 5

  • National MMIWG2S+ Awareness Day/ Red Dress Day (Canada)
  • Cinco de Mayo (Mexican)
  • Pascha (Orthodox)

May 6

  • Yom HaShoah/ Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jewish) 

May 10

  • Bear Witness Day/ Spirit Bear Day (Canada)

May 16

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 17

  • International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

May 18

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 20

  • Asian Gold Ribbon Day (Stand in Solidarity against Anti-Asian Racism)

May 21

  • World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (United Nations)

May 22

  • Declaration of the Bab (Baha’i)

May 23

  • Vesak/Buddha Day (Buddhist)

May 25

  • Africa Day (Organization of African Unity)

May 25 to June 1

  • National AccessAbility Week (Canada)

May 28

  • Ascension of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i)

June 2024

National Indigenous History Month/ Filipino Heritage Month/ Pride Month

June 5

  • World Environment Day (United Nations)

June 11-13

  • Shavuot (Jewish)

June 16

  • Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib (Sikh)

June 17

  • Eid al-Adha (Islam)

June 18

  • International Day for Countering Hate Speech (United Nations)

June 19

  • Juneteenth (United States)
  • International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict (United Nations)

June 20

  • World Refugee Day (United Nations)
  • Summer Solstice

June 21

  • National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada)

June 23

  • National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism (Canada)

July 2024

Disability Pride Month

July 6

  • Al-Hijra/ Muharram (Islam)

July 8

  • Martyrdom of the Bab (Baha’i)

July 14

  • International Non-Binary People’s Day

July 18

  • Nelson Mandela Day (United Nations)

August 2024

August 1

  • Emancipation Day (Canada)

August 9

  • International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples (United Nations)

August 12

  • Tisha B’Av (Jewish)

August 13-15

  • Obon Festival (Buddhist)

August 19

  • World Humanitarian Day (United Nations)

August 26

  • Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu)

September to December

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September 2024

September 4

  • Labour Day (Canada)

September 6

  • Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu)

September 10

  • World Suicide Prevention Day

September 22

  • Fall Equinox 

September 23

  • Autumnal Equinox 
  • Bi Visibility Day

September 30

  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation/ Orange Shirt Day (Canada) 

October 2024

Women’s History Month (Canada)/ Islamic History Month/ National Disability Employment Awareness Month
October 2-12

  • Navaratri (Hindu)

October 2-4

  • Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)

October 4

  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ Honouring and Awareness Day (Canada) 

October 10

  • World Mental Health Day (World Health Organization)

October 11

  • Yom Kippur (Jewish) 
  • National Coming Out Day
  • International Day of the Girl Child (United Nations)

October 12

  • Dussehra (Hindu)

October 14

  • Indigenous Peoples Day (United States)

October 16

  • World Food Day

October 16-23

  • Sukkot (Jewish)

October 16

  • International Pronouns Day 

October 17

  • Spirit Day (Support of 2SLGBTQQIA+ youth and the prevention of bullying)
  • International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (United Nations)

October 18

  • Persons Day (Canada)

October 20

  • Installation of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sikh)

October 23

  • Shemini Atzeret (Jewish)

October 25

  • Simchat Torah (Jewish)

October 26

  • Intersex Awareness Day

November 2024

Indigenous Disability Awareness Month

November 1

  • All Saints Day (Christian)
  • Diwali/ Festival of Lights (Hindu, Jain, Sikh)

November 2

  • Birth of the Bab (Baha’i)
  • All Souls’ Day (Christian)

November 3

  • Birth of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i)

November 7

  • International Inuit Day (Inuit Circumpolar Council)

November 8

  • National Indigenous Veterans Day (Canada)

November 10-16

  • Rock Your Mocs Week (International)

November 11

  • Remembrance Day (Canada)

November 15

  • Guru Nanak Jayanti (Sikh)

November 20

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 24

  • Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Ji (Sikh) 

November 25

  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (United Nations)

November 27

  • Birth Date of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Sikh)

November 27

  • Ascension of Abdu’l-Baha (Baha’i)

December 2024

December 1

  • World AIDS Day (United Nations)

December 2

  • International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (United Nations)

December 3

  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities (United Nations)

December 6

  • National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women (Canada)

December 8

  • Bodhi Day (Buddhist; Japan)

December 9

  • International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime (United Nations)

December 10

  • Human Rights Day (United Nations)

December 12

  • International Universal Health Coverage Day (United Nations)

December 17

  • International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (Red Umbrella Day)

December 18

  • International Migrants Day (United Nations)

December 21

  • Winter Solstice 

December 25

  • Christmas Day (Christian)

December 25, 2024 – January 2, 2025

  • Hanukkah (Jewish)

December 26, 2024 – January 1, 2025

  • Kwanzaa (United States)


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If you find any errors or wish to provide updates, please email

What we offer


Sure, you may have stayed in touch with your classmates or reconnected on social media, but nothing beats a face-to-face catch up to share stories, favorite memories, and life events. Our annual alumni events are a great way to create new memories, meet with new people and enjoy some laughs.

Internationally educated health professionals

Ten Thousand Coffees UM Café

UM Café is an online networking and mentoring platform powered by Ten Thousand Coffees. UM Café introduces students, alumni and industry partners to one another. They can then share a virtual cup of coffee and exchange knowledge and advice. Learn more by reading our story in UM Today.

Visit the UM Café site

Biomedical Youth Program

The Biomedical Youth Program (BYP) is science enrichment program that offers events and activities designed to bring students closer to the University experience.

BYP offers early-learning programming for children in Grades 1 to 3; after-school science programs for kids in Grades 4 to 12; student mentors to help with science fair projects; mobile labs that deliver hands-on activities to First Nations communities; and professional development workshops and seminars for Manitoba Science Teachers. All of these resources are provided at no charge.

Read more about the Biomedical Youth Program in UM Today.


Biomedical Youth Program (BYP) volunteers help enrich the lives of underserved students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, especially in the inner city, who may need additional help and guidance at home or school.

BYP offers a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers, including:

  • Saturday Science Club
  • Mentoring students for science projects or homework clubs
  • Annual Winnipeg School Division Science Fair - as a judge or activity leader
  • Annual Biomedical Youth Summer Camp - as activity or group leaders
  • School group science activities - engaging high school students in hands-on biotechnology experiments and prepping them for university

To become a volunteer with the Biomedical Youth Program, please complete the BYP volunteer online registration form.


Thank you for considering a gift to the Biomedical Youth Program (BYP) at the University of Manitoba. Your gift to the BYP can be designated to a number of high priority programs. Contact us to learn more about the many ways you can make a difference.

Summer Camp

The Biomedical Youth Summer Camp is an annual outreach initiative by BYP.

Dates: Typically scheduled in the third week of July each year.

Location: University of Manitoba Bannatyne Campus

Cost: Free for students in Grades 5-12 with an interest in science.

To learn more about BYP, please call us at 204-789-3580 or email

Inner City Science Centre

Niji Mahkwa elementary school is home to the high-technology science laboratories of the Inner-City Science Centre, bringing state-of-the-art science resources directly to the community. The centre is part of a community-based collaboration between the Winnipeg School Division, Manitoba Education, the Winnipeg Foundation, and the Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

Read more about the Inner City Science Centre in UM Today.

To book the Inner City Science Centre, please email

Winnipeg School Division Annual Science Fair

Every year, the Winnipeg Schools’ Science Fair happens at UM's Bannatyne campus, bringing together students from Grade 4 to 12. More than 400 students showcase their science projects and receive feedback from Rady Faculty of Health Sciences members and industry experts. Students are encouraged to pick a problem and use science to solve it in one of nine categories, such as biology, chemistry, or physics. Read more about the annual science fair in UM Today.

Habitat for Humanity

Social responsibility and accountability are core values for Rady Faculty of Health Sciences’ learners, faculty and staff. We recognize that safe, affordable housing leads to positive outcomes, including improved health and well-being, education success and self-esteem. That's why Rady Faculty has taken part in four Habitat for Humanity builds since 2013, volunteering time and raising money, as well as contributing build space on our Bannatyne campus.

Read about our most recent build in UM Today.

Social accountability committee

The Social Accountability Committee supports Rady Faculty of Health Sciences in its goal of being accountable to the social realities of the community in which one lives and serves.

Social accountability committee leadership

Co-chairs: Ian Whetter and Christine Ateah; Administrative support: Brenda Peterson

Terms of reference


1.1 Purpose/Mandate:

The Social Accountability Committee (“Committee”) of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (“RFHS”) is established to:

  1. (a) act as the main discussion and advisory body of the RFHS in relation to issues of social accountability;
  2. (b) assess the social needs and challenges of the community that the RFHS serves, with particular input from community members;
  3. (c) coordinate an inventory of social accountability activities and initiatives occurring within the Colleges and/or RFHS and serve as the repository body for social accountability activities and initiatives;
  4. (d) determine the gaps in social accountability initiatives within the RFHS, based on the identified social needs and challenges, the inventory, and any other information the Committee determines is relevant;
  5. (e) identify social accountability initiatives as priorities to be implemented within the RFHS and its respective Colleges;
  6. (f) recommend implementation strategies for social accountability priorities within the RFHS and its Colleges, including without limitation identifying sufficient opportunities for, encouraging, and supporting learner participation in service-learning and community service activities;
  7. (g) monitor and report on the outcomes of the social accountability priorities within the RFHS and its Colleges (i.e., its “Mandate”).

1.2 Definition of Social Accountability:

Social Accountability is being accountable to the social realities of the community in which one lives and serves.

A socially accountable health system is one that is obligated to engage with and respond to its community’s needs, as well as instill the values of this responsibility within its institutions and its practitioners. The goal of social accountability in health care is a health system built on the needs of a community and its members. Health care providers, administrators, health sciences education providers, and researchers work toward this goal through engagement with society (people, governments, and businesses); and intentional policies, medical practices, educational, and research activities that work toward achieving the community’s health priorities as identified by all of these actors.

Social accountability in this context includes the consideration of the causes of existing health concerns as well as the health concerns themselves. Socially accountable activities in a health care education and research setting include:

  • Teach social responsibility as a core value for future practitioners.
  • Educate future health care professionals on broader determinants of health.
  • Teach and practice culturally safe health care. This includes the skills of intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.
  • Identify groups with specific or greater need such as higher rates of illness or greater barriers to health.
  • Provide opportunities for learners to volunteer, and co-curricular and community service learning that allows the student to engage with and learn from the group’s members and encourages future work with such groups including working as an ally to support systems and policy change.
  • Conduct community-identified research.
  • Reflect the principles and calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

University of Manitoba representatives


Julie Pfeffer and Nader Shaker (student rep)

Interdisciplinary Health Program

Parneet Kaur Sabhi (student rep)


Ian Whetter and Cathy Tat (student rep)


Tyla Turman and Sheryl Demetrioff (student rep)


Dana Turcotte and Cole Janke (student rep)

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Christine Ateah, Karen Cook, Margaret Lavallee, Elders

Rehabilitation Sciences

Lisa Diamond-Burchuk and Student Rep Sara DePottie (student rep)


Ricardo Soriano (Accreditation unit representative) / Marcia Langhan

Community representatives

Uzoma Asagwara, Queer People of Colour (QPOC)

Michael Champagne, Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO)

Shohan Illsley, Manitoba Harm Reduction Network (MHRN)

Jodie Jephcote, Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC)

Allen Mankewich, Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC)

Felicien Rubayita, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Counci (MIIC)

Janet Trans, Trans Manitoba

Jenna Wirch, Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO)

Partner organizations

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences is proud to partner with organizations across the city and beyond, including the groups listed below.

  1. 0-9

  2. A

    1. Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre
    2. Agape Table
  3. B

    1. B & L Resources for Children, Youth and Families
    2. Bear Clan Patrol
    3. Biomedical Youth Program (BYP)
    4. Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg Inc.
    5. BridgeCare Clinic
    6. Broadway Neighbourhood Centre
  4. C

    1. CKUW.95
    2. CanU
    3. Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)
    4. Canadian Red Cross
    5. Child Protection Centre (Health Sciences Centre)
    6. Child and Family Services
    7. Children's Hospital
    8. Community Financial Counselling Services
    9. Community Public Health
  5. D

    1. Deer Lodge
    2. Department of Families, South Winnipeg
  6. E

    1. Ethio-Canadian Cultural Academy
    2. Extendicare Vista Park Lodge
  7. F

    1. Fort Garry Women’s Centre
  8. G

    1. Good Neighbours Active Living Centre Inc.
    2. Government of Manitoba, Disabilities Issues Office
  9. H

    1. Habitat for Humanity
    2. Healthy Child Manitoba
    3. House of Peace
  10. I

    1. Immaculate Heart of Mary School
    2. Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM)
    3. Independent Living Resource Centre
  11. J

    1. Jacob Penner Park
  12. K

    1. Klinic Community Health
  13. L

    1. Let’s Talk Science
    2. Louis Riel School Division
  14. M

    1. Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
    2. Manitoba Federation of Labour Occupational Health Centre (OHC)
    3. Manitoba Harm Reduction Network (the 595)
    4. Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc. (MIIC)
    5. Misericordia Health Centre
    6. Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Centre
    7. Mount Carmel Clinic
  15. N

    1. National Aboriginal Diabetes Association
    2. Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services Inc. (NEEDS)
    3. Niji Mahkwa
    4. Nine Circles Community Health Centre
  16. O

    1. Opikihiwawin, New Directions
  17. P

    1. Pan Am Place
    2. Pathways to Education
  18. Q

  19. R

    1. Rainbow Resource Centre
    2. River East Personal Care Home
    3. Riverview Health Centre
    4. Rossbrook House
  20. S

    1. Salvation Army
    2. Sex Workers of Winnipeg Action Coalition
    3. Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC)
    4. Siloam Mission
    5. Special Olympics
    6. Spence Neighbourhood Association
    7. St Matthews Maryland Community Ministry
    8. Sunshine House
  21. T

    1. Teen Talk
    2. The Birth Centre
    3. The Salvation Army
    4. Transcona Council for Seniors Inc.
    5. Two-Spirited People of Manitoba Inc.
  22. U

    1. University of Manitoba, Disabilities Studies Office
  23. V

  24. W

    1. WISH Clinic
    2. West Broadway Community Services
    3. West Broadway Youth Outreach
    4. West End Women’s Resource Centre
    5. Winnipeg Aboriginal Sports Association
    6. Winnipeg Harvest
    7. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Healthy Sexuality & Harm Reduction
    8. Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub (WRENCH)
    9. Winnipeg School Division 1
    10. Winnipeg School Division 2
    11. Wolseley Family Place
    12. Women's Correctional Centre
  25. X

  26. Y

  27. Z

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