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Student membership

Membership is open to all Indigenous students currently registered in a health professional program at the University of Manitoba. Learn all about the benefits of membership in Ongomiizwin - Research and Ongomiizwin - Education and how you can join.

A woman speaks to a crowd at the 2016 Indigenous Health Research Symposium.

Indigenous Health Research Symposium

Each year Ongomiizwin invites Elders, community members, youth, students and researchers to share ideas about Indigenous health research at the annual Indigenous Health Research Symposium.

Who we are

Ongomiizwin is made up of three units:

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    Ongomiizwin – Education

  • icon health

    Ongomiizwin – Health Services

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    Ongomiizwin – Research

Rady Faculty Reconciliation Action Plan

Ongomiizwin leads the implementation of the Rady Faculty’s Reconciliation Action Plan, developed in response to the health-related calls to action made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

The Action Plan addresses themes such as:

  • honouring traditional knowledge and healing practices
  • providing safe learning environments
  • improving support and retention of Indigenous students
  • educating all students and faculty in cultural safety and anti-racism
  • removing barriers to health professional education

The Action Plan was developed through a collaborative 18-month process involving University of Manitoba faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members, Elders and Knowledge Keepers. An Elders and Knowledge Keepers advisory circle retreat was held at Turtle Lodge.

NOTE: Documents available in alternate formats upon request.

Documents and reports

NOTE: Documents and reports available in alternate formats upon request.

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