guidelines Branded apparel and promotional items

All across Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, units are showing their institutional pride through promotional items and branded apparel. The process outlined below applies to ordering merchandise for students, classes, departments, faculty and staff.

Choose your products

We’ve sourced a selection of products from suppliers that offer the correct imprint space for branding and meet the standards required for Rady Faculty branded items.

You can also contact the University of Manitoba Bookstore to inquire about their selection of customizable merchandise.

To order merchandise, complete the form and return it to — a communications officer will be assigned to work with you and liaise with the suppliers on your behalf.

Branded merchandise order form

Sometimes clients will source products themselves and then contact us about branding the items they plan to purchase. This may not be a time-saver for you, since there may be limiting factors like a too-small imprint space or off-brand colour selections that make the item unsuitable. Let us help you!

Design process

Our creative team includes an in-house professional designer. We work with our designer to ensure any elements you wish to include are in line with our faculty and institutional visual identity. We will also ensure the artwork is designed to fit the imprint space required by the supplier and review artwork proofs for technical issues to avoid potential mishaps that could waste your time or money.

Turnaround time, cost, and delivery

Turnaround time
Quote, design, approval, production and delivery can take up to three weeks, depending on the volume of work in our office and the supplier’s own schedule. Please allow as much time as possible when requesting your branded items.

It's important to note most items have an artwork set-up fee — this is charged by the supplier to setup the artwork, not a fee we charge to design the artwork; this is in addition to the cost per item, applicable taxes, and shipping/delivery fees.

The cost of promotional items comes from each unit’s budget. You will be asked to supply a purchase order number and you will receive an invoice at the end of the project. It is your responsibility to cover all costs and to coordinate payment.

Items will be delivered by the supplier directly to your office or whichever delivery address you choose.

formatting Email signature

Email is the most commonly used day-to-day communication tool. Your email signature can be referred to as a digital business card. It's important to present contact information in a consistent and professional manner.

How to format your signature

Name (including credentials, professional or academic title as appropriate)

Title and contact information

Download email signature logo

Be sure to add alt text to the logo image used in your signature to make your email accessible to people with disabilities. Instructions on how to add alt text can be found on the Microsoft support website.



  • Full signature 

    Jane Doe, BA
    Business manager, respiratory therapy 
    College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

    UM logo

    123 Building Street
    Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

  • Condensed signature 

    Jane Doe, BA
    Business manager, respiratory therapy 
    College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
    Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

    Note: Optional, to be used on replies only.

  • Pronoun signature

    Gender pronouns examples:

    Above are select pronoun examples, please refer to our pronoun resource guide linked below. 

    Jane Doe, BA
    Business manager, respiratory therapy 
    College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

    UM logo

    123 Building Street
    Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

For more information on capitalization on titles, departments, email addresses etc., please refer to the UM Editorial Style Guide.

For resources on how to be inclusive when using and respecting personal pronouns, view the Rady Faculty Personal Pronouns Resource Guide.

guidelines Stationery

Standardized stationery, including letterhead, business cards and envelopes, have been developed for use by all UM faculty and staff. The templates (found on pages 37-41 of the Brand Guidelines document) make it easy to create visual consistency in both internal and external communications. Stationery can be ordered through the EPIC purchasing system.

Electronic letterhead is available for download on our communication resources page.

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