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Let us know what you're working on, including the event date or project deadline. One of our team members will review your request. Then we'll prepare a communication and marketing outline using their expertise to identify deliverables that best match your project or event.

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Website development and support

Website edits

Website edits are managed centrally by RFHS communications staff. To request a web update, email We endeavour to complete web tickets within 48 hours of the ticket being assigned to the Rady web support team (not from the time you create the support ticket).

Please include:

  • Route to Rady web team in the subject line of your email
  • URL (link) for the page that requires changes or edits
  • Details on what content should be changed
  • Where on the page your edits are needed
  • Attach any supporting documents as applicable

Note: UM's best practices, including the type of content we post, how we handle content and images we select, have all changed since we've moved to Drupal. We appreciate your patience as we work together to uphold the university's new web standards.

Request for new webpage or website

To request a new page or site, email A member of our team will review your request and get in touch with you.

Note: RFHS does not support the development of research lab, research group, or personal research websites.

Google analytics

The Drupal platform offers the ability to view analytics on faculty and college webpages.

For more information or to request basic analytics for a specific page, email with the URL of the page you'd like to track.

College e-newsletters

Some of the most interesting stories and updates come from our readers - we welcome your ideas and submissions!

Send us an email with your news or story idea and a member of our team will be in touch.

Subscribe to a college newsletter: send us an email letting us know which newsletter you'd like to receive and we'll add you to the email list.

Class reunions

Reunions are the perfect way to enjoy a stroll down memory lane and learn what your classmates have been up to since graduation. Not sure where to start? We can help!

To learn more about planning a reunion or for help getting started, contact our alumni events officer:

Darcy Routledge 
Alumni events officer 
Phone: 204-977-5650

Become a class leader! Is planning your strong suit? As a class reunion organizer, you can play an important role in bringing your class together for a memorable reunion. You’ll be the liaison between your classmates and the alumni events officer and help shape every aspect of your special event.

Social media

One of the many ways we keep our students, alumni, community and partners up-to-date is through social media.


Through our online platforms, you can get the latest on research updates, student highlights, faculty events and activities and award opportunities.

We can help get the word out about your upcoming event through our social platforms. Send us an email with full event details and we'll be in touch.

If you have video content that you'd like to post on our YouTube channel, we can help with that too. Contact us to get started.

Social media accounts and guidelines

If you're interested in creating a social media account, please connect with our our office first. This applies to Rady Faculty colleges, departments, units, centres, or institutes representing the university, but not to personal accounts. 

This to consider before you get started:

  • define your strategy
  • identify your objectives
  • identify your target audience
  • allocating time and resource to manage social media accounts
  • choose the right social media channel

View the UM social media directory to see who is online.

For more information on the Access and Privacy Office social media guidelines, visit their guidelines and resources page.

Student takeovers

If you'd like to engage our viewers through a day-in-the-life or take them behind the scenes of an upcoming event or special day, send us an email and tell us about your takeover idea.

Depending on your area of study, topics you might consider are Convocation, CaRMS Match Day, National Physician Assistant Day, Pharmacists' Day or National Nursing Week.

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For support with the listservs, please email

The Rady FHS-all listserv is for faculty and staff members of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. Students are members of their respective Rady Faculty college/program listservs (maintained by the colleges) and we communicate with students as required.


Our emails are distributed using the FHS-ALL listserv. This distribution list pulls subscribers from a collection of departmental lists, which we did not create and do not manage. This means our office cannot remove you from this specific list.

For support with the listservs, please email

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