Centre Space

An open atrium space on the main floor of the Russell Building, Centre Space can be set up in a variety of configurations to support events or exhibitions.

Architecture/Fine Arts Library

This library houses the largest collection of information on art, design and planning in the province of Manitoba and supports the teaching and research needs of both the Faculty of Architecture and the School of Art.


An interdisciplinary design laboratory within the Faculty of Architecture, FABlab supports education and research in the realm of digital fabrication, parametric design, modelling, mapping and full-scale prototyping.


The Workshop supports the production of physical models in the Faculty of Architecture, including furniture prototypes and other full-scale mock-ups. A wide range of tools and equipment are available for plastic, woodworking and some types of metalwork.

The Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology (C.A.S.T.)

Located directly south of the Russell Building, C.A.S.T. is an interdisciplinary research laboratory that supports and encourages critical and creative experimentation with technologies relevant to the design, construction and performance of the built environment.