EITC Atrium

The atrium connects the E1, E2 and E3 wings of EITC and features the Women in Engineering Hall of Fame and student designed vehicles, in addition to student society and faculty offices. The Engineering Access Program (ENGAP) and the Department of Computer Science are located on the upper level.

EITC Lecture theatre

Larger engineering classes are taught in the Bell MTS Lecture Theatre, located on the 200 level of the E3-wing. Smaller classrooms can be found on the E2-100 level and elsewhere throughout the complex.

EITC Design classroom

Design classrooms bridge hands-on workspace with a more traditional classroom environment. Numerous labs can be found throughout EITC that allow engineering students to engage with specialized equipment.

EITC Tetra Tech CAD Technology Centre

This 40-seat CAD lab allows students to design solutions to engineering problems. These designs are then prototyped and developed in the adjacent Digital Fabrication Laboratory (FABlab), allowing students to fully develop their design ideas.

EITC Student lounge

Accessible off the atrium, this student lounge is one of many spaces in EITC for students to relax and study.

EITC Engineering Society offices (UMES)

The University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES) is the main student group for engineering students at UM. Engineering students can also join competition societies, representational societies and special interest societies to meet new friends and explore their passions and interests outside of the classroom.