Knowledge creation

Asper School of Business aims to expand global knowledge and engage in intellectual exploration to advance teaching, learning and research. Our researcher’s scholarly work is regularly published in internationally renowned scholarly publications with some of the most recent publications by Asper faculty listed here.

  • Dr. Hee Mok Park 

    Journal of Marketing
    The Weight of Consumer Preference and Peer Influence in Trying New Products

  • Shiu-Yik (“Yik”) Au 

    Management Science
    Does Social Interaction Spread Fear Among Institutional Investors?

  • Dr. Lei Lu

    Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 
    Anomaly Discovery and Arbitrage Trading

  • Wenxi Pu 

    Personnel Psychology
    The impact of social media disclosures on veteran hiring

Upcoming events

Our researchers

Awards, Recognitions and Appointments

  • The Asper School of Business is proud of our faculty's achievements. We pride ourselves in our teaching and research excellence. 

Professorships and fellowships


Sandeep Arora, Associate Professor 
F. Ross Johnson Professorship in Marketing 

Bruno Dyck, Professor
Norman Frohlich Professorship in Business Sustainability

Gady Jacoby, Professor 
BMO Professorship in Finance

Jae Yun Kim, Assistant Professor
Richard Morantz and Sheree Walder Morantz Professorship in Business Ethics

Paul Larson, Professor
CN Professorship in Supply Chain Management 

Bruno Silvestre, Dean
CPA Manitoba Chair in Business Leadership

Xiaofan Steven Zheng, Professor
Stu Clark Professorship in Financial Management


Our researchers and educators

Meet the faculty at the Asper School of Business.


Sandeep Arora, Assistant Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Namita Bhatnagar, Full Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Sean Buchanan, Associate Professor
The Associates Fellow in Business Administration 

Sriharsha Kamatham, Assistant Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Chi Liao, Assistant Professor
The Associates Fellow in Finance

Mingzhi Liu, Associate Professor
Chartered Professional Accountants Research Fellowship

Kelley Main, Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Hee Mok Park, Assistant Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Subbu Sivaramakrishnan, Associate Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Kelsey Taylor, Assistant Professor
The Associates Fellow in Supply Chain Management

Fang Wan, Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Luming Wang, Associate Professor
F. Ross Johnson Fellows Program

Changqiu Yu, Assistant Professor
Chartered Professional Accountants Research Fellowship

PhD and MSc students

PhD students

Business Administration

  • Arvinder Chopra
    BA (Delhi University), MBA (York University)
    Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Xiaoli Guo
    BA (Southwest University for Nationalities), Master (Shanxi University of Finance and Economics)
  • Jingnan Li
    BBA (Mount St. Vincent University), MBA (Tory University)
  • Arjun Odedra
    BComm (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology),  MBA (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology)
    Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Peter Pomart, MBA (Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba)
    Business and Human rights, Institutional Theory and Stakeholder Theory
  • Zhe Shen
    BA (Nankai University), MBA (Shandong University)
  • Mojtaba Mohammadnejad Shourakaei
    Master (University of Tehran), PhD (University of Tehran)
    Business Sustainability
  • Li Yu
    PhD in Neuroscience (McGill)
  • Mitra Rezvani
    Organizational Behavior
  • Daniel Kachikwu Njoagwuani 


  • Zhengyifan Chen
    Mater (South China University of Technology)

  • Linlin Jin
    MSc (Gabelli School of Business)
  • Xin Liu
    MSc (Tongji University)
  • Yang Liu
    MBA (University of California)
  • Quoc Phan
    MSc (ESC Rennes School of Business)
  • Yuying Sun
    Master (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics)
  • Zhen Qi
    Bachelor of Finance (Beihang University), Master of Finance (University of International Business and Economics)
  • Meng Yan
    MFin (Saint Mary's University)
  • Zixu Zhang
    MSc (North Carolina A&T State University)
  • Xingyu Chen 
  • Xin Tong
  • Zhihao Huang
  • Seyedalireza Tavakoli
  • Weijian Sun


  • Uyen Uyen Banh
    BA in Industry Management (Vietnam National University), MBA (University of Missouri)
  • Ruiqi Guan
    BSc (University of Illinois), MSc (SKEMA Business School)
  • Nazanin Khaksari
    BA (Allameh Tabatabaie University), Master (University of Tehran)
  • Trang Thanh Mai-McManus
    BA in International Business Management (Hanoi Foreign Trade University)
  • Ngan Vo
    BA in Industrial Management (HCMC University of Technology), MBA (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
  • Mehmet Yanit
    BSc in Industrial Engineering (Marmara University), MA in International Competition and Trade (Bogazici University)  
  • Kaushik Bhattacharjee
  • Shabnam Emamikervee

Supply Chain Management

  • Dax Trejo

MSc students


  • Jiali Wang
  • Yuhang Ou

Business Administration

  • Olumide Akintunde Adeoye


  • Behroo Kafi
  • Mahdad Mollazamani
  • Taha Mohebbi


  • Tasin Islam 

Supply Chain Management

  • Bagheri Pedram
  • Dax Trejo
  • Maryam Mozaffari
  • Rui Li
  • Sara Shoarinjad 
  • Sarah Mohammadpour
  • Wenxuan Chen 
  • Zahra Ejabati


Business Administration


  • Sanjay Kumar


PhD placements


Full name PhD placement
Jonathon Driedger LeftField Commodity Research
Mitch Roznik Data scientist in industry & postdoc at University of Arizona

Business Administation

Full name PhD placement
Xianzhe Jin Western University
Zulfiquer Haider Sun Yat-sen (Zhongshan) University


Full name PhD placement
Huijing Li Nanjing Agricultural University
Nanying Lin Lyon College
Qi Zhang Burgundy School of Business
Yuan Wang St Francis Xavier University
Zixu Zhang Postdoc at Asper


Full name PhD placement
Mai McManus Trang TBA
Sanjay Kumar Postdoc at Asper

Centres and institutes

Research labs

Marketing Research Lab

Opened in January 2008, this innovative lab is fitted with 15 customized computer workstations to conduct computerized marketing simulations and electronic data capture directly from research participants, as well as non-computer-mediated activities. The room can be modified for other research-based activities, such as conducting in-depth interviews, focus group sessions and screening of advertisements.

Behavioural Research Lab

In 2022, the Asper School of Business will open the The David Dreman Behavioral Management Research Lab. The lab will assist faculty with carrying out research, developing additional research capacity based on cutting edge trends and multidisciplinary collaboration. We will introduce new workshops to further enhance the research potential of our graduate students and stimulate faculty collaborations.

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