Centre Objectives

The Centre for Accounting and Research Education has the following objectives:

  1. to encourage and support the development of accounting education programs at the University of Manitoba and to maintain those programs at the highest standard;
  2. to encourage and support basic and applied research in accounting and related subjects to meet the needs of the accounting profession, standard setters, and users of financial information;
  3. to develop and disseminate information concerning research and education to members of the accounting profession in public practice, industry, and government;
  4. to enhance the reputations of the University of Manitoba and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in the academic field; and
  5. to support the recruitment and retention of qualified personnel in Accounting at the I.H. Asper School of Business in order to achieve the preceding objectives.

Under the direction of Steve Vieweg, the Centre continues to work toward the achievement of these objectives through the funding of various initiatives, such as:

  • the purchase of accounting tutorial software to complement the instruction received by all introductory financial accounting students;
  • support to purchase information databases and to hire personnel for the Accounting and Finance Research Centre, which is essential for the successful completion of the many research projects carried out by members in the Accounting and Finance areas;
  • cash awards provided to Accounting faculty in recognition of above average research and teaching activity.

The Centre continues to be an important asset for achieving the Department's objectives. It is a concrete example of the many successful partnerships that the School has formed with the external community.

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