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Departmental programs

Our graduate program offers a wide range of research opportunities from experimental biomedical research to functional brain imaging and medical education research.

Department research

Our unit has a vibrant research community with established excellence in the neurosciences, cancer biology, cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal functions.

Researchers in Human Anatomy and Cell Science lead innovative research streams within the University of Manitoba and beyond with successful collaborations and research exchange both nationally and internationally.

Our researchers

Histology services

The histology platform provides services for researchers and students to process tissues and calls for histopathological examination. We offer paraffin, cryo and electron microscopy techniques including processing, embedding, sectioning, staining and imaging.

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Current student resources

Graduate student guide

The Graduate Student Guide contains a wealth of information and has general guidelines for all department members. To request an electronic copy, email

Awards and scholarships

As a department, we provide the highest quality education in fundamental and advanced anatomical sciences to learners in various professional programs in the health sciences.

Departmental graduate scholarships

  • HACS Merit Award
  • Ralph A. Mann Memorial Scholarship Award
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)
  • Hollenberg Award 

Annual scholarship/awards offered to UGME students

  • The Dr. Joseph & Dr. Dorothy Hollenberg Memorial Fund Award
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Undergraduate Research Awards

Each year, the University of Manitoba provides a multitude of unique learning opportunities through the undergraduate research awards. This program allows undergraduate students to interact with the best minds and research leaders in their fields. This experience opens them up to new possibilities for a research career in either government, academic or industry sectors.

Body donation program

Through the body donation program, students gain a deeper understanding of human anatomy through first-hand experience. At the same time, the program gives donors the opportunity to make an invaluable contribution to the advancement of health sciences.

Making advance arrangements can help relieve some of the stress your loved ones will face after your passing. Your advance plans will help your family decide what to do next during a very difficult time.

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Faculty and staff

Our highly motivated expert faculty and staff aspire to take the anatomical education of the next generation of scientists and health professionals to the next level.

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