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Dr. Sabine Hombach-Klonisch’s research focuses on mechanisms of tumor cell invasion/metastasis and treatment resistance in cancers of the breast and brain. Her team utilizes human cancer cell lines, patient-derived cancer cells, and animal models for intracranial, intracardial and subcutaneous xenografting and in-vivo bioluminescence imaging. Her research on primary and metastatic brain tumors combines aspects of the brain-specific environment and the interaction with tumor cells. Her lab monitors cellular protein interactions, DNA damage responses, and 3D nuclear telomere changes in single cell analysis. In her ongoing research projects, Hombach-Klonisch studies the nuclear function of the chromatin-remodeling protein HMGA2 in DNA damage sensing/repair and telomere stability. Her lab also investigates the tumor-promoting role of novel ligands of the transmembrane G protein-coupled receptor RXFP1 in brain and breast cancer models.


Dr. Hombach-Klonisch is a professor of human anatomy and cell science. She currently holds the position as department head. Dr. Hombach completed her highest academic degree in tumor biology (Germany). As established cancer researcher her current research focus is on metastatic breast cancer and brain cancer. She received her specialty training in human anatomy and teaches diverse subspecialties of anatomy in different professional programs.



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