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The cerebellum is critical for motor control and cognitive functions. It is not clear how the complex cerebellar circuitry is assembled during development nor what are the cellular and molecular mechanisms underpinning the establishment of early cerebellar connectivity. Projects in Dr. Hassan Marzban’s research program are designed to identify and characterize mechanisms that drive cerebral cytoarchitecture and circuit formation during neurogenesis, neuronal migration and axonogenesis. As a cerebellar developmental biologist, his research is focused on unraveling the molecular mechanisms that drive cerebellar development in health and disease.


Dr. Marzban has established a strong research program on cerebellar development in health and disease with projects in both basic and translational research, soon after, he joined the UM (2010).  Dr. Marzban’s research has been consistently supported by provincial and national funding agencies including NSERC, Brain Canada/ALS Canada, the Research Manitoba Tri-Council Bridge Funding Program, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CHRIM). His efforts and achievements in research have been recognized nationally as well as internationally. Dr. Marzban chaired and organized the 8th International Symposium of the Society for Research on the Cerebellum and Ataxia (SRCA) in Winnipeg in 2017.  As a result he was named a fellow of the society in 2019, a title bestowed upon scientists who have made exceptional contributions to the Society for Research on the Cerebellum and Ataxia.

Dr. Marzban has successfully established effective collaborations with a number of experienced and well-recognized investigators locally, nationally, and internationally to study developmental neuroscience, in particular the cerebellum, in health and disease.  Dr. Marzban also edited a book entitled: “Development of the Cerebellum: from Molecular Aspects to Diseases.” (Springer, NY 2017.) 


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